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Make-Up for Classroom Testing


Make-up exams are designed for students who cannot take their exams in class as scheduled because of a religious conflict, documented serious illness, or compelling, unexpected circumstances (lack of preparation or negligence by the student is not considered a compelling reason for a make-up exam).

The Testing Center requires instructor approval for all make-up exams.

48 hour advance notice is required for all make-up exams.

Students may request a make-up exam to their instructor by filling out the online Make-Up Exam form.

  • The form will be sent to your instructor and the Testing Center.
  • The instructor will be required to approve or not-approve your request for a make-up exam.
  • The instructor’s response will be sent to the Testing Center.
  • An email of approval or denial will then be sent to you.
  • Please check with your instructor and/or your class syllabus concerning make-up exam restrictions.
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