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Work Opportunities

There are a few part time jobs for students experienced in theatre technologies:

The Theatre Area hires a few experienced students in theatre technical areas.   Strong preference is given to Work-Study students

  • Costume Shop: 
    The Costume shop may hire students with certain specialty skills for specific projects like wig-making. 
    Strong Preference for Work-Study students. 
    Contact Catherine Brown at 707-826-3570

  • Electrics and Sound:

    The Electrics and Sound Shop may hire experienced students.                
    Strong preference for Work-Study students.  
    Contact Pablo Midence at 707-826-4751.

  • Scene and Props Shops: 
    The Scene and Prop Shops may hire experienced students. 
    Strong preference for Work-Study Students. 
    Contact Jayson Mohatt at 707-826-3410.

For other Jobs on campus and in the community: