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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

If theatre is your passion, why not major in it?  

We stress hands-on learning supported by a solid foundation in theory and history.  Because so many people in theatre want to do it all, we include a bit of everything in our core program and offer two emphases for your major:

Performance or Design & Technology

Students completing this program will: 

  • Appropriately use vocabulary and historical knowledge from a wide range of theatre sub-disciplines
  • Apply concepts of performance, design and technology
  • Analyze and evaluate scripts and projects and contribute to department productions. 
  • Create new designs, scripts, interpretations, and solutions.
  • Apply principles of effective communication and collaboration.

Theatre and Film Core

Story Through Word & Image 
Critical Analysis Stage & Film
Senior Seminar

Theatre Arts Major

Acting 1:  Principles of Performance
Production Techniques
Theatre History I 
Theatre History II 
Principles of Stage Directing
Pre-production, Production and Performance Practicums
One of the following:  Scenic Design & Art Direction; Lighting  Design Stage &  Screen ;  or Costume Design Stage & Screen 

Performance Emphasis:

16 units from the following:

Acting 2:  Principles of Voice and Movement
Makeup for Stage and Screen
Acting 3:  Advanced Principles of Acting for the Stage
Acting 4:  Advanced Principles of Acting for the Camera

Three units from the following:  
Permformance Practicum

Special Topics in Theatre Arts
(Topics in Performance Studies as available.)

Design & Technology Emphasis:

10 units from the following:
Makeup for Stage and Screen
Production and Stage Management
Scenic Design & Art Direction 
Lighting Design Stage & Screen 
Costume Design Stage & Screen 

6 units from the following: 

Scene Design Technology
Lighting Design Technology 
Costume Design Technology 
Special Topics in Theatre Arts 
(Topics in Design & Technology as available.)
See HSU Catalog for Details  
You don’t have to major in something else just to be practical.   A Theatre Arts degree at HSU will give what you need for jobs, a career and the art you love.