“I've been able to use different aspects of storytelling and theatre to improve as a dancer. It's a well-rounded experience. I can use the dance studio one day, then make a film... or act in a play, the next day.”

- Maria Meyer
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts,
Dance Emphasis, HSU Class of 2008

The Program

Theatre, Film and Dance houses three disciplines: Our liberal arts and hands-on approach provides a diversified, experiential education; prepares students to develop their capacity for creative expression; and provides the necessary foundation for vocations and further training in the disciplines of theatre, film and dance.

The student production programs in theatre, film and dance are very active. The mainbill program consists of 4-5 major productions with approximately 10 secondary productions. Productions may include plays, film screenings, dance, physical theatre or any interdisciplinary combination of these and other art forms. This active program provides the students many opportunities to apply their academic study towards production and performance. Production facilities utilized by the Department of Theatre, Film & Dance include the mainstage proscenium John Van Duzer Theatre, two experimental studio theatres and a thrust stage facility.

The Department's mission for experimentation and the production of current, original works is celebrated through the Humboldt Film Festival. The oldest student-run film festival in the world, the Humboldt Film Festival is a juried competition attracting film entries from all over the world and providing students opportunities for workshops and individual sessions with the visiting artists.


The Community and Locale

The Arcata community enthusiastically supports performing arts and cinema. There are many regional theatre and dance companies, and our local cinema provides a variety of traditional, experimental and foreign films. Humboldt State University is the home of Center Arts, an outstanding organization that brings nationally and internationally acclaimed performing artists to our campus and provides our students with increased exposure to the arts and opportunities to meet and study with the guest artists. Additionally, physical theatre performances and workshops are available within 20 minutes of HSU at the renowned Dell'Arte school and theatre in Blue Lake. Located on the Pacific coast 275 miles north of San Francisco in the heart of the world-famous redwood region, Humboldt State University overlooks the Humboldt Bay and is surrounded by forests, wild rivers, lagoons, meadows, mountains and ocean. The clean, healthy, and un-crowded environment features mild winters and cool summers. On Saturdays, the Arcata Plaza features a fantastic farmer's market where many of our students participate in both scheduled and spontaneous performances.
photo: film

Special Events

Humboldt International Film Festival
The Humboldt International Film Festival supports and celebrates student and independent filmmakers.