Academics Bachelor of Arts: Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

Five Year Course Rotation

Explore your ART
Prepare for your CAREER
Learn skills for a JOB

If theatre is your passion, why not major in it?  You’ll find opportunities to develop your artistic talents, apply what you learn and learn by doing right away—you won’t have to wait until your third or fourth year. 

At the same time you’ll be developing skills that will help you find a job and train for a career, even if it doesn’t involve theatre at all.

Employers in study after study say they are looking for the skills we teach: creative problem solving, initiative, teamwork, a solid work ethic, oral and written communication-- and more.  (links)

Our classes, projects and productions give you ample opportunity to augment talents you already know about, but you may also discover new skills and potentials.  Many of our graduates find careers in theatre that fulfill their dreams, and also pay the rent.   Many use their degrees to launch careers in teaching, in film, in arts management or to go on to graduate school.   And others follow their theatre passion on the side, but still use the skills they learned here in a job or career.

This is your opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for your future, while you’re doing theatre and having fun right now.  Why miss this chance? 

Since theatre and film are so closely related—especially in California-- some of our courses offer film background as well: Story through Word and Image, Theatre and Film Aesthetics, Critical Analysis Stage and Film and Senior Seminar target both theatre and film students.   And many of our other classes address Film and Dance as well as Theatre. 

There are opportunities to participate in real theatre, beginning in your first year. We produce two shows a semester, including a musical every two years.    Our season is a balance of classic and contemporary, comedy and edgy social drama.  Like the rest of the department, Theatre Arts encourages cultural celebration and community partnerships.  Students often participate in theatre productions outside the university. We are dedicated to nurturing artists who want to use their skills, vision, and creativity to make a difference in the world. 

We stress hands-on learning supported by a solid foundation in theory and history.  Because so many theatre people want to do it all, we include a bit of everything in our core program and offer two options for your major: Performance or Design & Technology.

Theatre and Film Core
Story Through Word & Image
Theatre & Film Aesthetics
Critical Analysis Stage & Film
Senior Seminar

Theatre Arts Major
Production Techniques
Theatre History I
Theatre History II
Directing/Performance Workshop
Pre-production, Production and Performance Practicums
One of the following: 

  • Scenic Design & Art Direction
  • Lighting Design Stage & Screen
  • Costume Design Stage & Screen

Performance Option
12 units from the following:
Movement/Voice for Performers
Acting Styles
Adv. Studies in Acting
Special Topics in Theatre Arts
(Topics in Performance Studies as available.)

Design & Technology Option
12 units from the following:
Scenic Design & Art Direction
Lighting Design Stage & Screen
Costume Design Stage & Screen
Scene Design Technology
Lighting Design Technology
Costume Design Technology
Special Topics in Theatre Arts
(Topics in Design & Technology as available.)

See HSU Catalog for details for specific course requirements.

Five Year Course Rotation

You don’t have to major in something else just to be practical.   A Theatre Arts degree at HSU will give what you need for jobs, career and the art you love.