Financial Aid for the Department of Theatre, Film, & Dance


Answer Print Award:

Awards up to $1,200. To be awarded every fall and spring semester as needed. These funds are used for bringing 16mm films to completion.

Criteria: Based on the overall integrity and quality of the film and the grant proposal.

Application: Applications are solicited mid-semester. Forms are available in the Department office.


The Department of Theatre, Film and Dance has several scholarships. Usually, applications are solicited in February, and awards are made for the following academic year.

Albert and Mildred Van Duzer Scholarship:

Awards of $1500 ($750 each semester) for the following academic year with the stipulation that recipients enroll full-time at HSU and that they remain active in the theatre arts at HSU.

Criteria: Artistic potential in creative production and performance is the sole criterion of the award. Artistic or creative potential will not be judged as being restricted to those students who are performers, or who are producing works of art, but may also include individuals concentrating in the areas of history, criticism, theory, composition, etc.

Application: Applications are solicited in February. Forms are available in the Department office.

John and Ethelyn Pauley Endowment Scholarship:

An award of $1000-$1500 is offered annually

Criteria: Awarded to a graduate student pursuing a Theatre Arts degree who shows creative potential and innovative ability in theatre arts. The scholarship will be paid in two installments during the following academic year. Recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student for each semester.

Application: Applications are solicited in February. Forms are available in the Department office.

Don Karshner Memorial Scholarship:

Awards totaling $300-$500 (variable) to full-time student(s) in the Department of Communication or Department of Theatre, Film and Dance (alternate major annually) for the following academic year.

Criteria: Dedicated student as evidenced by perseverance, sincerity, ambition, cooperation and consistency of purpose; no special emphasis on academic level, grades, financial need or talent.

Application: Students do not apply for this scholarship. Nominations are solicited from the Department faculty in the spring semester.

Student Assistantships

Availability of student assistantships vary from year to year dependent upon funding. Some examples of positions are:

  • Cinema Store/Cinema Check-Out Assistant
  • Accompanist
  • Co-directors for the Humboldt Int'l Short Film Festival
  • Makeup Assistants
  • Scene Shop/Lighting Design Assistants
  • Readers for the Department's high-enrollment courses
  • Office Assistants

Graduate Assistantships:

Six positions in the Scene Shop Lighting Design Lab and the Costume Shop

Work Study Jobs:

The Department encourages any HSU student who qualifies for Federal Work Study funds to apply for jobs in the Department. Positions are available in the Scene Shop Lighting Design Lab, the Costume Shop, the department office, and the "Cage" (cinema stores); and other areas as the need or opportunity may arise.