Faculty & Staff Shoshanna (Rose Anthony), Dance


Rose Anthony, aka Shoshanna, has danced throughout her life in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance, but found her art in the dance styles of the Middle East in 1992. She is interested in the thoughtful fusion of diverse styles of dance, and the power of dance as a vehicle of expression and personal interpretation of music for an audience. In addition to being on the dance faculty at HSU since 1998, Shoshanna teaches at and runs the Redwood Raks World Dance Studio in Arcata, where she directs the Ya Habibi Dance Company and creates amazing children's birthday parties. She also produces concerts of music and dance, and frequently performs and teaches workshops across the country. Performance highlights include an exclusive performance in Acapulco, Mexico in July 2004, being invited to perform for Egyptian dance star Dina in a May 2004 Los Angeles concert, being the featured instructor for the "Festival on the Nile" in Orlando, Florida in 2001 and 2002, and dancing in the IAMED 4th Annual Awards Show in 2001. She earned the coveted title of 2004 Belly Dancer of the Year, and has appeared on several performance and instructional DVD's produced by Cheeky Girls Productions. As a performer, Shoshanna strives to express the joy of dancing and the emotional quality of the music through both traditional and interpretive styles. As an instructor, Shoshanna works to balance artistic and personal interpretation of the music with excellent technical skills and to instill a passion for this beautiful dance form. She works to create an open, encouraging atmosphere in her classes to challenge and inspire dancers of all age and skill levels. Her highest achievements in dance include the successful and artistically satisfying dance careers of her students, most of whom began their dance training in Shoshanna's classes at Humboldt State University. Her best achievements outside of dancing are her beautiful daughters.

photo: Rose Anthony