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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How do I dial the Campus Operator from a campus telephone?

Dial 0 (zero).

How do I dial the Campus Operator from an off campus telephone?

Dial 707-826-3011

How do I change an entry in the Online directory?

Send an email to Copy the current listing from the directory so we know which entry you want changed then in your email tell us what needs to be changed.

How do I delete an entry from the Online directory?

Send an email to Copy the entry from the directory and say you want that entry removed.

How do I add an entry to the Online directory

Send an email to with the following information:person's name, extension, email address if they have one, department, and position (title).

Phone Questions
What does it mean when the display says "Service Requested"?

It is the system telling you it is processing your feature request, i.e. transferring a call, call back, conference, etc.

My phone use to divert to voicemail when phone was not answered, now it just keeps ringing. Hhow do I fix it?

Try "Call Diversion No Answer" on the line that keeps ringing - Press line that keeps ringing, press * 2 1 #. Have someone test it with you. If it still does not work, call x5000 and tell us you did the "Call Divert No Answer" and we'll look into it.

My phone use to divert while I was on the phone, now it just keeps ringing. How do I fix it?

Try "Call Diversion Busy" on the line that keeps ringing - Press line that keeps ringing, press * 2 2 #. Have someone test it with you to see if it goes to voicemail. If it still does not work, call x5000 and tell us you did the "Call Divert Busy" and we'll look into it.

Voicemail Questions
I have an office work station plus I teach a class, can I get a network cable to use when teaching in the classroom?

Yes, complete a TNS Ethernet Cable Request Form at Click on the form, print it, fill it out and fax it to TNS x6161. In future should you need more than the one cable they can be purchased from TNS x5000.

What should I do if my computer isn't working?

Check to confirm it is still plugged in and turned on, if so reboot. If this doesn't work, contact your ITC for level-one troubleshooting. For level two troubleshooting your ITC should contact TNS x5000 and we will create a trouble ticket. Information TNS will need is

  • Jack number your computer is plugged into
  • Operating system
  • MAC address (Media Access Controller)
  • Physical Location

What should I do if my office computer is not connecting to the network?

Check that everything is still connected and on, then reboot your computer. If this doesn't work, contact the Help Desk. If the Help Desk is unable to resolve the issue, they will contact Telecommunications & Network Services on your behalf. The Help Desk will need the following information to log a support request with TNS: the number of the jack your computer is plugged into, your computer's operating system, MAC address (Media Access Controller) and physical location.

How do I arrange for a network connection for a new employee starting next week?

To request wired network connectivity for a new or relocated employee's computer, Desktop Support will need to complete and submit a DHCP request form.

In order for a new employee to be able to access the HSU wired network, your departmental Key Advisor must arrange with Telecommunications & Network Services for a network jack to be activated, for the new employee's computer to be registered with the network, and for the internal connection fee to be approved.

What should I do if the network connection in my dorm room is acting up?

You'll need to contact Housing & Dining Services;ResNet, the network in the halls of residence, is not managed by Telecommunications & Network Services.

Key Advisor Questions
What is a Key Advisor?

This is your department's primary point of contact for Telecommunication & Network Service needs (phone and network). This person is authorized to make additions changes or deletions to services in your department. If the Key Advisor is out, authorization from Department Deans, Chairs or Directors are acceptable.

Why am I Key Advisor?

Your Department's Dean, Chair or Director has selected you for this roll.

Can there be more than one Key Advisor in a Department?

No, only one Key Advisor is allowed per dept.; however, there may be multiple departments assigned to the same Key Advisor.

What is expected or required of the Key Advisor?

The Key Advisor is responsible for submitting Service Requests for moves, adds, changes and deletion of services plus checking the monthly TNS billing reports (unless assigned to another by your Dean, Chair or Director). View privledges can be assigned to another as appropriate for the purpose of monitoring the department budget and identifying and resolving billing discrepancies (this must take place within same year to correct).

Will a Service Request Form serve to change a User on a phone and will it update the Online Directory?

Yes, mark 'User Update' or 'User Update Only' plus enter extension number in 'Published Extension' field and the directory will be updated.

How can I check my 'Phone Setup' information?

Go to 'Phone & Data Locations' option under Current Services on the Key Advisor web page. Make a selection from the draw-down list. Click on the four digit extension for Service Detail which also provides Building and Room numbers.

What is the TNS process for Employee Updates and Exiting Employees?

When a person leaves a position AND we are notified via the Separating Employee Clearance process, TNS will contact the Key Advisor regarding the Employee's extension and voicemail. If there is a replacment coming soon, TNS will wait for Key Advisor to send a Service Request for User Update. If no replacement is due, TNS can replace user name and voicemail with generic department labels.

Office Location • Van Matre • 707.826.5000 • Email: