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Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards

he primary purpose of the TIPS Standards is to provide a standardized approach to developing intra- and inter-building campus telecommunications infrastructure physical plant systems essential to achieving mission-critical CSU goals. A further pupose of the TIP Standards is to ensure the necessary development of intra-campus infrastructures adequate to support high-speed linkages with other CSU sites, with various telecommunications providers, and with the Internet.

CSU Telecommunications Rooms Standards

The Service Spaces Section (2.3.2) of the TIPS Standards document deals specifically with Telecommunications Room design and construction.

Outside Conduits

This Underground Structures Section of the TII Project Construction Specs details the methods and practices for outside conduits and vaults.

Telecommunications Standards for Faceplate and Jack Labeling

The HSU Faceplate and Jack Labeling Standards document describes our methods and practices for faceplate, jack, cable, and termination block labeling.


The Cabling section of the TII Project Construction Specs provides the standards implented on campus for horizontal and vertical cabling.

Materials and Methods

The Methods and Materials section of the TII Project Construction Specs specifies the materials, such as Innerduct, Cable Trays, Ladder Racking, etc installed on campus. It also describes the installation methods to be followed

Acceptance Testing

The Acceptance Testing section of the TII Project Construction Specs describes the tests to be performed and the documentation to be provided by the General Contractor or Sub Contractor prior to acceptance by TNS of the work performed.

General Requirements

This General Requirements section of the TII Project Construction Specs details any additional requirements imposed on the General Contractor for the work to be performed.

General Installation Concerns

The General Installation Concerns document reflects concerns and issues encountered on past projects. It is provided as a guideline for the General Contractor of past issues to mitigate problems on future projects.

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