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Telecommunications Services

Campus Operator:

The HSU Campus Operator’s telephone number is 0 (zero) if you are on campus; you can also dial 3011.

Off campus you would dial 826-3011.

Telephone User Guides

Voice Mail

The HSU Voice Mail system offers many features. To help you set up to meet your needs, we have provided several tip and help sheets.

  • The Greetings Suggestions page includes some suggestions for setting up your voice mail greeting
  • The Voice Mail Quick Reference PDF document will help you navigate the voice mail menu structure
  • The Campus Closure Tips PDF document describes the steps to take in the event there is a campus closure or if you are away for an extended absence

Authorization Code Usage

  • An Authorization Code is used to make phone calls from locations that are restricted to “on campus only”. The Authorization Code is available from the Telecommunications Department. The Department Key Advisor needs to send in a Service Request at least one week in advance of needing it.
  • There is one other way to use a restricted phone line. Provided your phone line is not restricted, you can make or receive the phone call from your office telephone on campus, then transfer the call to that restricted telephone line.

Conference Phone

Conference phones may be borrowed from TNS at no charge.

Our phones include remote microphones for use with larger groups. They will pick up sounds all around the room, while limiting reverberation, so those attending the meeting can talk naturally, and be easily understood. The keypad offers a mute button, allowing for private conversations.

A telephone line and AC outlet connection are required. The conference phones will work on an analog or digital (with included adapter) phone line.

Instructions are included in the carrying case. We ask that you follow them and use phones with care as the phone plugs are fragile and break easily.

We suggest you reserve in advance, set up in advance, and test prior to the meeting to insure all is working properly

Contact Telecommunications and Network Services at x5000 to reserve a conference phone.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards

The primary purpose of the CSU TIPS Guidelines is to provide a standardized approach to developing intra- and inter-building campus telecommunications infrastructure physical plant systems, essential to achieving mission-critical CSU goals. A further purpose of the TIP Standards is to ensure the necessary development of intra-campus infrastructures adequate to support high-speed linkages with other CSU sites, with various telecommunications providers, and with the Internet.

HSU Standards

Other Directories

Office Location • Van Matre • 707.826.5000 • Email: