About UC

University Center

The University Center is an integral member of the campus community. In this role we recognize our responsibility to enhance the qualities of HSU in a variety of ways.

The University Center building is the Student Union at HSU and is a major hub on campus. It houses the HSU Bookstore, Dining operations, CenterArts, Center Activities, Associated Students, and Clubs & Activities. The UC also offers a variety of conference space, meeting rooms, and lounge/study areas both within the UC facility and in Nelson Hall East. The Kate Buchanan Room and the Goodwin Forum are especially important for campus life.

The Information Counter, located on the main level of the UC building, is responsible for non-academic room reservations throughout campus and publicity approval for campus bulletin boards.

HSU Dining Services features operations throughout campus with three dining facilities, four convenience stores and full-service catering.

Center Activities offers recreation programs on campus and outdoor adventures throughout Northern California. In addition, the Student Recreation Center and the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center are managed by Center Activities.

CenterArts adds to campus life through its “Mainstage” program of world renowned artists, a variety of workshops that enhance the classroom experience for many students, and they work with the AS Presents program to offer a lineup of contemporary concerts and shows.


University Center Values


The University Center is committed to:

  • Providing the best possible service, value, and complete satisfaction for our customers;
  • Working closely with students and the campus community to ensure we provide the best possible selection of programs, educational products and services, which reflect the diverse interests and needs of the customer;
  • Providing working and professional experiences to students through part-time employment and internships;
  • Providing sufficient financial return to ensure fiscal strength, meeting internal needs for capital, and funding programs or projects as designated by the Board of Directors;
  • Providing a positive image to our customers as well as visitors to the campus and to the region;
  • Efficiently managing the business operations of the University Center and using technology as a tool to improve our productivity;
  • Being an integral member of the community that we work in.

These values reflect our ongoing commitment to our customers. Although our purpose and values remain similar from year to year, the operating environment continually changes. The mission and values of the organization provide a frame of reference to management, which is useful in planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling operations on a daily basis.