Campus Union Fee Increase

At Humboldt State University, the University Center (UC) is the gateway to student activities and recreation. The UC manages CenterArts and Center Activities, brings concerts and speakers to campus, runs the Student Recreation Center, supports student and department-run events, and more. More than 1,000 students use the UC-managed fitness center every day, and 8,000 students attended CenterArts and AS events in 2017.

Facilities managed by UC include the University Center building – home of the Depot, Bookstore, Kate Buchanan Room and more – as well as the Student Recreation Center, the Recreation & Wellness Center, UC Quad, Nelson Hall East, and Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center. Many programs rely on these facilities, including Clubs & Activities, Intramural Sports, Health Center Peer Education, OhSNAP! student food program, and Associated Students.

Minimum wage and deferred maintenance costs are rising, and the UC needs more funding to continuously improve programs, maintain current levels of service, and update and repair aging facilities. The Student Fees that pay for operations hasn’t risen in 30 years, and fees for the Student Recreation Center haven’t been updated in 13 years. Those are the primary sources of revenue for the UC, which does not receive direct state funding.

Increased funding would allow the UC to maintain its level of student services in the recreation facilities and for campus concerts and events. Much of the UC funding is used to pay its student employees. At any given point in time, more than 100 students are employed by the areas of the UC addressed by this fee. This number can greatly increase seasonally and at times of greater need. Please visit the FAQs tab on this site to learn more about the UC’s current situation and the benefits students get from its facilities and programs.

HSU students will vote on whether to increase the Campus Union Fees in the Associated Students referendum April 17-19.