Booking travel for Non-University Traveler

Refer to Travel Manual/Policy regarding Non-University Travelers (Section VII, B). "Travelers in this category include prospective employees, independent contractors and consultants, inbound travelers hired by the University for a temporary assignment, volunteers, foreign visiting scholars, and spouses.

Refer to Dept of General Services bulletin for information regarding YCAL/Capacity Controlled airfare. As stated, "These discounted airfares are authorized for use by employees of State departments, universities...for travel on official government or school business."

Guest Lecturer/Service Provider

A guest lecturer is an individual who speaks to a class because of his/her expertise, is paid a flat rate, and is not the instructor of record. A service provider is an individual who comes to the campus to provide a specified service. For additional information, refer to University Management Letter UML 00-02.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that if travel is needed in order to bring the guest lecturer/service provider to campus, that the cost for travel be included with the Guest Lecturer Agreement and Payment Request form. The guest lecturer/service provider would then be responsible for making their own travel arrangements. (A cash advance may be requested for the agreed upon amount of the anticipated travel cost for the guest lecturer/service provider to be able to book their own travel.)

  • As a last resort, IF travel arrangements need to be made on behalf of the guest lecturer/service provider, here are a few key points for you to be aware of:
    • If airfare needs to be prepaid in advance, trust fund monies can be used. Upon completion of travel, general fund monies can be used to reimburse the trust fund.
    • Complete a Request for Authorization to Travel form under the guest lecturer/service provider's name and obtain all appropriate approval signatures. Indicate the appropriate chartfield information on the request form. Submit the approved Request for Authorization to Travel form to Business Services/SBS 345 to obtain a travel authorization number.
      • Book travel through Giselle's Travel using a Guest Traveler profile or a third party travel vendor, using your campus issued travel credit card or personal credit card.
      • Request a travel advance for the amount of the airfare. Indicate the reason for advance, who the check should be made payable to, and the appropriate trust fund account to be charged in the blank box next to "Purpose of Advance". (For example: "Prepaid airfare for guest lecturer using credit card. Make check payable to Sally Arranger. Charge to trust fund #_______.")
      • The amount of travel should also be indicated on the Guest Lecturer Agreement and Payment Request form as a cash advance for travel.
    • A Travel Expense claim needs to be completed for the guest lecturer/service provider and signed by the guest lecturer/service provider (with all "itemized" travel receipts attached), and submitted to Business Services/SBS 345 within 30 days AFTER completion of travel.
    • Note: If the guest lecturer/service provider ends up cancelling the trip, the amount already given to you (travel arranger) as a cash advance will not be reimbursed through State funds. Since the ticket will be listed under the guest lecturer/service provider's name because if there are any airline credits, it will reside under his/her name.