Booking Your Travel

Giselle's Travel:

Get convenient personal assistance by booking your travel through Giselle's. They are capable of booking your airfare (including YCAL/VCAL state rate), hotel and rental car. Giselle's will automatically book your business-related airline tickets and/or rental car using HSU's business travel account (BTA) which bills the university rather than your credit card. (If you prefer to use your campus-issued charge card or your personal credit card, refer to instructions for more information.)

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Travel for Staff/Faculty

The instructions below pertain to staff/faculty traveling on University-related business. (Refer to Executive Order No. 1041 for Student travel.)


Obtain approval for travel::

  • Complete the Request for Authoriation to Travel form: Traveler's name, destination, purpose of trip, departure/return dates, event date(s), estimated trip cost, chartfield information (account, fund, department to be charged).
  • Traveler must sign/date the travel authorization form and obtain all appropriate approval signatures.
  • Submit approved Request for Authorization to Travel form to SBS 345.
  • Once the approved Request for Authorization to Travel form has been received by Business Services, a travel authorization number will be issued. An email will be sent to the traveler (as well as the travel arranger if specified) containing the travel authorization number.

Book travel through Giselle's Travel: You will be asked for a "travel reference" number" (which is the travel authorization number issued by Business Services).

  • Book your business travel through Giselle's Travel in two easy ways:
    1. Go to, click on "Corporate & Government Travel", then "State of California" links. Fill out Giselle's travel request form. A travel agent will receive the request and contact the traveler (or travel arranger) before confirming travel arrangements.
    2. Call Giselle's Travel at (916)922-0330 or toll free (800)523-0100 and talk to an agent.
      • Airfare will be automatically paid using HSU's business travel account (BTA) which bills the university rather than your credit card. It's recommended that you inform Giselle's to check for state contracted rates for airfare to compare with published rates. If you prefer to pay using your campus-issued or personal credit card, you must have a Business Traveler Profile on file with Giselle's Travel. (Go to, click on the "Corporate & Government Travel" link, and select "Business Traveler Profile" link to submit a Business Traveler Profile.
    • Enterprise Rental car will be automatically paid using HSU's car rental business travel account (CRBTA) which bills the university rather than your credit card. This will also ensure state contracted rates are charged, as well as covering the vehicle by physical damage insurance. (If you pay for your rental car using a personal credit card, you should also purchase insurance.)
      • Any trip requiring the traveler to drive is prohibited until Defensive Driving Training has been completed. Refer to the Facilities Management website for information.
      • If your destination is from HSU campus, contact Plant Operations to obtain an Enterprise rental car from HSU campus.
    • For Hotel reservations, you will need to provide Giselle's with a credit card number in order to reserve the room. Upon checking into the hotel, present your own campus-issued or personal credit card when you check into your hotel to pay for your hotel stay. Upon completion of travel, submit the itemized hotel receipt with your Travel Expense Claim.
      • Effective 5/17/13 for HSU: The maximum approved hotel rate for HSU is $175 per night or the stated conference rate, whichever is higher. any hotel rates in excess of that amount should be justified by the traveler and approved by the authorized administrator responsible for the budget. It is helpful to indicate in the justification other costs that might be incurred.


  1. Be aware of reimbursement rules.
  2. Keep your "itemized" receipts.
  3. If hotel is in California, bring a Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver form and give to hotel upon check in. (The hotel may/may not honor the form, however if they do waive the taxes, it will help to reduce lodging expenses.)


  1. Complete a Travel Expense Claim within 30 days after your return.
  2. Indicate the travel authorization number on the Travel Expense Claim form.
  3. Attach any applicable supporting documents/itemized receipts as required by the travel policy (secure loose, smaller receipts by taping them to an 8.5" x 11" sized paper).
  4. Obtain approval signature(s).
  5. Submit all originals to Business Services/SBS 345.

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