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Veterans Spirit Leaders

The HSU Veterans Outdoor Program is offered in association with

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Veterans Spirit is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Patrick McCaffrey Foundation. Founded in 2009, Veterans' Spirit engages in wilderness adventures done with respect, dignity, compassion, and love.

Meet Veterans Spirit:

Brian Ormond is a Navy nuclear submarine Vietnam Veteran. Brian has a Doctorate in chiropractic medicine. He brings a multi-dimensional sage wisdom to our team. - "I've been the volunteer vet rep in Sohum for the past 25+ years, I started and continue in this service for the good of all humans. My PTSD started when I was young and was upgraded in the military. Realizing its many manifestations in others I am honored to stand up as a witness and am in full support of the courageous veterans recognizing, and learning to manage it as they transition back home."

Steve Robinson is a Navy Vietnam veteran. Steve has conducted guided trips into Marble Mountains, his back yard, and the Trinity Alps for decades. He brings a multi-faceted compassionate understanding and a expert wilderness presence to our team.

Marc Knipper is a Navy nuclear submarine Vietnam era/cold war Veteran. Marc has an MSW. He has worked with houseless veterans and their multiple issues for over a decade. Marc has been described as a spiritual guide, wounded healer. - "I see my continued service to veterans, as an honor and necessity. I feel I owe it to my brothers and sisters in arms to share with them survival transition techniques, to know they are not alone, a welcome home, back to civilian life, to our mutual benefit."


Johnny Calkins is a Navy 2 tour Vietnam  veteran. He has worked with young adults doing environmental  restoration. Currently a GI Rights counselor, he continues to look  for ways to build a healthier community. "I feel a kinship to veterans and want to support them in finding deeper connection to each other and to this glorious place we live."