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Enrollment: Monthly Rates

Active Duty

Servicepersons are paid the veteran rate or a rate that will reimburse tuition and fees, whichever is lower. It's not uncommon for servicepersons to apply for benefits for a term that begins a few days or weeks before their discharge from active duty. Servicepersons on terminal leave before discharge do not have to obtain their education officer's signature on the Application for VA Education Benefits. Also, they are paid as servicepersons while on terminal leave and as veterans starting the day following discharge. Always report tuition and fees for servicepersons and servicepersons on terminal leave.

No Payment Policy

No payment of educational benefits will be made for courses not counting towards satisfying graduation requirements, auditing courses or a course for which the grade assigned is not used in computing graduation requirements. This includes a status change for courses from which the eligible veteran, dependent or spouse withdraws or receives a final grade of "W","WU" or "NC" unless mitigating circumstances are involved in the withdrawal. You are required to report the last date of attendance for all courses you stop attending. Failure to report this date and/or mitigating circumstances will result in an overpayment beginning the first day of the semester. The DVA will not pay for courses for which prior credit was awarded or for repeating a course already satisfactorily completed.

Advance Payment Processing

Humboldt State has agreed to receive and process the paperwork for advance payment of your first two months of Montgomery GI Bill. It is recommended by our office to arrange to have tuition paid by means other than your advanced payment. Advance paychecks are sent directly to Veterans Enrollment and Transition Services for disbursement. Please note that all of the following requirements must be met:

  • Enrollment must be at least half time training.
  • Requests for advanced processing must be received by the school at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term.
  • There are more than 30 days between terms and break pay won't be paid.

Monthly Rates

GI Bill - Education Benefit Payment Rates

Monthly Housing Allowance Calculator

GI Bill [Units vs. Weeks] Chart (Does not apply to chapter 33)

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