Humboldt State University

Department of Biological Sciences

Vertebrate Museum


Interim Curators

John Reiss
John Reiss, Professor of Zoology

Professor of Zoology

Herpetology; Evolutionary and Developmental Morphology

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Sharyn Marks
Sharyn Marks

Professor of Zoology

Herpetology, Conservation Biology, and Evolutionary Developmental Biology

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Collections Manager

Thor Holmes
Thor Holmes

Pictured with a former friend



Dawn Goley
Dawn Goley

Professor of Zoology
Director, HSU Marine Mammal Stranding Program
Director, HSU Marine Mammals Education and Research Program

Behavioral Ecology of marine mammals

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Joe Szewczak
Joe Szewczak

Professor of Zoology

Physiological ecology and echolocation of bats

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Steven A. Smith
Steven A. Smith

Professor of Zoology

Chromosomal evolution in mammals, marine mammal ecology and evolution


Karen Z. Reiss
Karen Reiss

Professor, Life Science, College of the Redwoods

Systematics and biogeography of chipmunks; mammalian morphological evolution


Christopher M. Callahan
Christopher Callahan

Professor, Life Science, College of the Redwoods

Biogeography and systematics of whales and their ectoparasites


Featured Alumni

Jessica Blois
Jessica Blois

Assistant Professor, University of California, Merced

M.A. Biology, Humboldt State University, 2005. Thesis: Conservation Genetics of the Sonoma Tree Vole

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Jim Dines
Jim Dines

Mammalogy Collections Manager

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
Los Angeles, California

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Bill Stanley
Bill Stanley

Collections Manager of Mammals, Field Museum, Chicago, Ill. through 2015.

B.A., Biology and Zoology, Humboldt State University, 1986. M.A., Biology, Humboldt State University, 1991.

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John J. Ososky
John Ososky

Museum Technician
Osteology Laboratory & Division of Mammals
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History
Washington, DC

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