Humboldt State University

Department of Biological Sciences

Vertebrate Museum


Researchers at the HSU Vertebrate Museum combine fieldwork, DNA analyses, and comparative morphological examination of museum specimens to explore the ecology, evolution, and conservation of vertebrates. Examples of current faculty and graduate student research projects include:

Population Ecology and Movement Patterns in Harbor Seals

Dawn Goley, Professor of Zoology, Dawn is using telemetry to study differences in habitat use between male and female harbor seals in and around Humboldt Bay.

Systematics and Bigoegraphy of Chipmunks of Northwestern California

Karen Reiss, Professor, College of the Redwoods
Karen is using analysis of DNA and comparative morphology of museum specimens to examine species limits and the biogeographic history of the Townsend’s chipmunk complex of northern California.

Monitoring and Identifying Bats from Their Echolocation Calls

Joe Szewczak, Professor, Joe is the developer of Sonobat, a software package that can be used to analyze and compare high-resolution, full-spectrum sonograms of bat echolocation calls recorded from time-expansion bat detectors.

Examining the Effects of Wind-Turbines on Bat Mortality

Joe Szewczak, Professor, Joe has been collaborating with several colleagues to investigate bat mortality associated with wind turbines, and to utilize our knowledge of bat ecology, auditory biology, habitat bioacoustics, and animal behavior to develop mechanisms to alert bats to turbine presence and/or deter them away from turbines.

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