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Radio Expeditions Hosted by National Public Radio and the National Geographic Society

Radio Expeditions is a collaboration between NPR and the National Geographic Society. It uses some of the best talent at these two institutions, along with state-of-the-art digital stereo recording equipment, to produce and broadcast feature stories for NPR’s Morning Edition. The general themes for stories are the natural world and threatened environments, diverse cultures, adventure and exploration and discovery. Some of our favorite Radio Expedition Stories and Interviews are shown below (Requires RealPlayer).


Conservationist J. Michael Fay talks about his amazing Megatransect Expedition across the Congo.

Call of the Whale

Radio Expeditions takes its microphones on board a whale research boat off the island of Maui, Hawaii, to record the haunting and mysterious call of the humpback whale

A New Home for Bats

Listen to the story of how what was once America’s biggest collection of underground copper mines has become a unique refuge for North America’s bats.

Saving Australia’s Koalas

Two stories about one of the world’s most beloved animals — an Australian icon that nonetheless now faces threats to its existence.


Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2005 Holiday Lectures
A series of four lectures presented by HHMI investigators Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D., and David M. Kingsley, Ph.D.

(Note: These talks Require RealPlayer).


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