Building an Accessible Site

How do I build a more accessible Web site from scratch?

  1. Try to use a web page authoring tool that has built in accessibility features such as Macromedia Dreamweaver MX or Microsoft Front Page 2003. These web page authoring tools will remind you at the time you create your web pages to include accessibility design elements such as ALT tags and table headers. If you use a web page authoring tool that does not have accessibility features built in, you will have to remember to add the accessible design elements yourself.
  2. Review how your web page authoring tool can help you build more accessible web sites.
  3. Follow the HSU guidelines for creating accessible content.
  4. Validate your web page using an accessibility validation tool. Both Dreamweaver MX and Microsoft Front Page 2003 have built in validation tools. You can also use third party validation tools.
  5. Feel good about yourself and your web page - knowing that not only have you helped people with disabilities use your site, but you've also made it more accessible for people who like to use newer technologies such as web phones and pda’s to access you site.