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Campus E-mail Bulletin, November 3, 2008

Subject: Keeling Report - Update

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

I recently informed you of the availability of a report from Keeling & Associates, who were engaged by HSU in response to recommendations from the recent review by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In the university's contract with Keeling, we asked that they prepare a preliminary report for comment by the President, and that they follow up with a final report to be released to the campus. Keeling & Associates did prepare a draft report dated October 7, 2008 and, based on comments from me, prepared a final report dated October 14, 2008, that is now available online at:

Unfortunately, the draft report was posted instead of the final report. You may now access both documents on the web site provided above. My sincere apologies to former administrators and to any individual whose anonymity has been compromised by the inadvertent release of the draft report.

My concerns with the draft report were that some specific individuals interviewed by the consultants might likely be identified from their comments, and that statements about former administrative officers of the university were not appropriate for dealing with the issues identified by the WASC review. I also believed that the consultants did not have the advantage of access to several important documents that, coupled with the interviews, would provide a broader context.

As I indicated to you in my recent correspondence, we have convened an expanded University Executive Committee to begin deliberations about how to respond to the WASC and Keeling recommendations. A summary of our first meeting on October 30, 2008, is available at The next meeting will occur on Monday, November 3, and summaries of that meeting will also be posted to the web site.

Rollin C. Richmond

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