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CSS Selectors

There are great references for folks of all CSS skill levels over at 456 Berea Street.

For those of you new to CSS, there is CSS 2.1 Selectors, Part 1, which goes over the basics of CSS selectors, the keys to the world of CSS.  For more advanced users, there is Part 2 which goes over more advanced selectors, and Part 3 which tackles pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.

These are great articles to bookmark and refer to whether you are learning or pushing the boundaries of CSS. 

Posted 17 Feb 06 • Permalink

Auto-Selecting Navigation

We use a technique called “Auto-Selecting Navigation” in the template that the Web Office site uses.  This technique allows the current section to be highlighted in the main navigation; if you look to the left, you should see that the “Articles” item is selected, since you are in the Articles section.

This is achieved using only a few simple CSS rules.  Drew McLellan has documented the technique in a nice, concise article: Auto-Selecting Navigation.

Posted 21 Dec 05 • Permalink

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