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University Web Office

Style Guide

Section 1.
Required Elements for Official HSU Web Pages

Every page of the web site should contain:

1.1 Header with HSU Wordmark:

Download ready-to-use graphics here.


The wordmark should link to the HSU main page at

diagram of wordmark and bar showing pixel dimensions

Figure 1. Diagram of wordmark and bar showing dimensions.


The wordmark should be 346 x 18 pixels, and set in a horizontal bar 30 pixels high. There should be a 10px margin between the left edge of the bar and the wordmark.


The colors of the wordmark and bar can be changed to coordinate with the design of your site.

Admissions Day site with grayscale wordmark

Figure 2. Grayscale wordmark and bar

child development site with aqua wordmark

Figure 3. Aqua wordmark and bar


The width of the horizontal bar should be equal to the width of your layout. If your layout spans 100% of the screen width, the bar should span the whole screen. If you have a fixed-width layout, the bar should span only that width.

HSU home page with bar spanning only the width of the layout

Figure 4. Fixed-width site; horizontal bar spans only layout.


The horizontal bar can have a drop shadow and/or fade to transparent on the right-hand side of the page.

1.2. Footer:


Footer should always be the last element on the page


Footer should contain the name and mailing address of the department in charge of the page, as well as a functional, up-to-date email link to the person that maintains the site. The linked email account must be checked daily during normal business operation. Do not use To combat spam:

  • The email link may be titled "Contact Us" or similar; you do not have to list an actual email address in plain text.
  • The link may lead to a comment form which uses a script to email the message

Section 2:
Suggested Color Palettes and Fonts

2.1 Color:

Using "HSU colors" (green and gold) is not required. However, if you choose to use HSU colors, please use them according to the color palette below.

color palette for HSU green and gold

Figure 5: Color palette and hex values for HSU green and gold.

Preferred text colors are #333333 and #666666.

The last row (#993300 and #5C78AB) contains contrasting colors that can be used for links.

2.2 Text

The preferred font for body text on HSU web pages is Lucida Grande (Mac) and Lucida Sans Unicode (PC). Verdana is suggested as the preferred backup if Lucida is not available.

The CSS declaration to specify fonts in this order is:

font-family: "Lucida Grande,"Lucida Sans Unicode,verdana,arial,sans-serif;

The preferred font for graphical headers (such as the University Web Office title on this page) is Myriad Bold.

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