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HSU Event Calendar Help

Humboldt State Events is a site that hopes to provide the ability for all campus-sponsored events to be promoted and listed in one location. The calendar utilizes user generated content and anyone with an HSU ID can submit an event. Events are moderated by Humboldt State staff and must meet the following requirements:

  • The event must be sponsored by Humboldt State University, department, program, student club or organization.
  • The event listing must include an event title, date, time, location, contact person, and admission fee (if applicable).

Browsing Events

In addition to being able to browse events by day, month and year, you can use the keyword search or the event type list to filter events. When using the keyword search, keep in mind that you can use dates and days as well as keywords to find events. For example you could type a specific date such as August 22, which will return a list of events happening on August 22. You can also type a day of the week such as Friday or next Monday.

Entering Events

If you have an HSU ID you can submit an event. Just visit and log in. Now that you are logged in, click on "Create an Event”. Doing so will take you to the "Event Details” screen. Fill out the form with all of the necessary details. At the very least you must provide an event title, event type (choose wisely as this is not currently editable after submitting), location, start date, contact name and email.

Event Details

  1. Enter the event Title, which will appear on calendar listings. Important: don't use HTML or the ampersand (&), or your event may disappear.
  2. The Subtitle only appears on the individual event page, so you can leave it blank. It is not recommended to put vital information here since it isn't searchable and won't appear on the daily event listing.
  3. The Description box is the place where you can give viewers a quick overview of the event. Keep in mind that your events may be viewed by many people outside your usual target audience.
    • Put the most important facts first, though you won't need to repeat the time, date, or place.
    • Do not use HTML, since it may cause your event and others to disappear.
    • Note: website URLs in the Description are not clickable, so you should include them in Event Webpage field instead.
    • If possible, limit your general description to 1-3 sentences. Use the Additional Public Information field, under Event Location, Date and Time, for specific details, such as speaker biography or registration information.
  4. Select an Event Type from the drop-down box, such as Arts, Athletics, Lectures & Workshops, or Student Clubs. This will be included in searches and cannot be edited later, so choose carefully.

Event Location, Date and Time

  1. Location: Enter the Name of the building or place that the event will be held as well as an address if needed.
  2. Event Time: Enter the Start Date & Time. If you don't enter a start time, it will be listed as an all-day event. You can omit the ending time if one has not been set. You can omit the minutes if the event starts or ends at the top of the hour. If you omit the AM or PM, it will default to AM.
  3. Directions and Additional Public Info appear on the individual event listing page. These fields are ideal for providing extra information. These fields do not appear in search results, however.

Contact Information

  1. Contact Information appears on the individual event listing page. You can enter name, phone and email address of the person who can be contacted for further information.

Editing Events After Submission

In the Event Manager, you can update almost any event field after submission (assuming it is still pending) — except for Event Type, and the changes will be reflected everywhere the event appears, including the main calendar. Click on the "Edit" button to make changes to events you have already submitted. If you have more than a few events, you can use the Event Manager search box to quickly bring up the events you need to edit or delete.

If you need to edit an event that has already been published to the main calendar please let us know.

Get a Calendar for Your Department

If you would like to create a calendar for your department please contact the University Web Manager.

Sharing events

Any event that you post is automatically recommended to the main calendar but you can also recommend individual events to other department calendars, if their administrator has given you the ability to do so. Here's how:

  1. From the Event Manager page, select the event you want to recommend by checking the 'select' box,
  2. choose 'Recommend' from the drop-down box at the top or bottom of the form,
  3. from the calendar list, click the radio button to choose which calendar(s) you want to recommend/post it to. NOTE: The other calendar's manager must have added your HSU ID to their calendar to allow you to recommend events.
  4. click 'Go' to submit the event.

Subscribing to other calendars

Subscriptions allow you to automatically add events to your calendar that match a given set of criteria. This feature allows the College of Natural Resources and Sciences to automatically add all events posted to the Environmental Resources Engineering calendar.

You have the ability to choose another calendar and have their events sent to the pending queue of your calendar (giving you the ability to pick and choose events), or have them automatically posted.

Allowing Others to Post Events on Your Calendar

If you are the administrator of a department calendar you will be able to give others the ability to add events to your calendar. Here's how:

  1. Log into the event manager at
  2. Select the calendar that you want to add a contributor to by clicking on "Choose your calendar".
  3. Next, click "Users & Permissions"
  4. Under "Add New User", type their HSU ID and click "add user"
  5. Assign the new user the appropriate permissions. Generally, it is a good idea to grant user only the permissions they will need.

Displaying Events on Your Website

Now that we have officially launched the calendar we are working on implementing a few different ways that event data can be displayed on other university websites. Please check back soon for details.

Exporting events

The Event Publisher allows for a very robust method of exporting events. In most cases, events can be exported into either RSS or iCal format by clicking on the RSS and iCal icons located on most calendar page views, including departmental calendars and searches. In addition, you can also create an export URL for a more customized view.

Stay tuned for more information about exporting events via RSS and iCal feeds.

What is a Featured Event?

Selected events with general interest to the campus community will appear by default in the featured section on the calendar home page. Marketing and Communications staff chooses several events each week to be highlighted on the university home page, based on their appeal to the HSU community.

HSU Marketing & Communications
Building 88 • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.3321 • Contact Us.