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Cara Appel

 cara with porcupine

Thesis Topic

Seasonal habitat selection of the North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) in a coastal dune forest


Dr. Tim Bean



Undergraduate Institution
B. A. Environmental Studies
University of Washington

I grew up in Washington and earned my B.A. in environmental studies from the University of Washington. After graduation, I stayed at UW to work in a medical research laboratory in between summer field jobs.  I spent one summer assisting with a bottlenose dolphin monitoring project in the United Kingdom and another summer working with the Forest Service near Mt. Shasta.  It was during this experience, while working on spotted owl monitoring and other projects, that I fell in love with Northern California.  
    Now I am a member of Tim Bean's spatial ecology lab, where I will be studying porcupines.  My primary research interests are wildlife ecology and climate change, including questions about what factors limit species' ranges and how to model climate change responses.  With porcupines, I hope to study seasonal habitat selection along the North Coast as it compares to the rest of their range and potentially address causes of recent population fluctuations in the area.


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