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Internet Links

The following are selected internet links to websites associated with wildlife biology, management, and conservation. Please email additional relevant links or notice of broken links to wigss@humboldt.edu. Links will open in a new window.


    Literature Search

    Professional Organizations


    HSU Professors & Departments

    Spatial Analysis/GIS/GPS

    Software Programs for Animal Ecologists



Wireless Internet (local hotspots)



Black Bear

Literature Search [Top]

(Some full text resources are only available with subscription, i.e. from an HSU computer)


HSU Library - Biology Research Guide
US Forest Service Library

Science Direct - Over 1,800 journals online; some below.

JSTOR - Ecology Papers - Ann. Rev. of Ecol. & Syst.(1970-1997); Ecol. Appl. (1991-1998); Ecol. Monogr.(1931-1998); Ecology (1920-1998); J. Anim. Ecol. (1932-1999); J. Ecol. (1913-1999)

BioOne - Am. Midl. Nat.; Am. Zool.; Auk; Avian Dis.; Biotropica; Condor; Copeia; Evolution; Herptologica; J. Mam.; Waterbirds; Wetlands; and more... It seems their search engine is poor, but have full text.

EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service - "...gateway to thousands of e-journals..."


American Naturalist - (1867-1998 via JSTOR & 1999-current; PDF)

Animal Behaviour - The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (1993-2003; PDF)

Auk or Here - American Ornithologists Union (2000-2003; PDF) New Test Site 1884-1999

Behavioral Ecology - (1996-1998, Abstracts; 1998-2003 Full Text)

Biological Conservation - Society for Conservation Biology (1968-2004; PDF)


Condor - Cooper Ornithological Society (1899-2000; PDF)

Current Biology - (1999-2003; PDF)

Ecological Modeling - International Society for Ecological Modeling(1975-2003; PDF)

EMU - (2001-2003; PDF)

Environmental Impact Assessment Review - (1985-2003; PDF)

Fisheries Research - (1995-2003; PDF)

Forest Ecology & Management - (1976-2003; PDF)

Ibis - (2003; PDF)

Journal of Applied Ecology - (1998-2003; some with PDFs)

Journal of Animal Ecology - (also see JSTOR)

Journal of Avian Biology -

Journal of Fish Biology - (1993-2002; PDF)

Journal of Zoology - (1998-2003; PDF)

Marine Ornithology - (PDF)

Oikos - (2002-2003, PDF; others limited access)

Proceedings B - The Royal Society (Biological Sciences) - (1997-2001 free; PDF)

Public Library of Science (PLOS One) - PDF

Studies in Avian Biology - See Condor; Cooper Ornithological Society (#1-18, PDF)

Wilson Bulletin - Wilson Ornithological Society (1889-1999; PDF)

Additional Search Strategies

Google Advanced PDF Search - Locate title of paper wanted; Type title next to "Exact Phrase"; Under "Any Format" choose PDF.

Google Scholar - search engine


Professional Organizations [Top]


    The Wildlife Society, Western Section

    Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (SNVB)


    Ornithological Society of North America

    American Ornithologists' Union

    Association of Field Ornithologists

    Cooper Ornithological Society

    Raptor Research Foundation

    The Waterbird Society  

    The Wilson Ornithological Society

    Western Field Ornithologists

    Pacific Seabird Group



    American Society of Mammalogists


    Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles

    American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists


    Entomological Society of America


    Wildlife Disease Association


    Ecological Society of America

Conservation Biology

    Society for Conservation Biology


    American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    The Oceanography Society


Statistics [Top]

Online Text & Help

    How To Use Excel Guide

    StatSoft Electronic Textbook

    PA 765 Statnotes: An Online Textbook, by G. David Garson

    Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

    SFSU Advanced Biometry (BIOL 710)

    UCLA Academic Technology Services Statistical Computing Resources

Free Software

    Free Statistical Software

    R Statistical Package (free)

    R Tips



HSU Professors & Departments [Top]

       Dr. Daniel Barton
    Dr. Tim Bean
     Dr. Jeff Black
    Dr. Richard Brown
    Dr. Barbara Clucas (lecturer)
    Dr. Mark Colwell

    Dr. T. Luke George (former HSU professor)

    Dr. Richard Golightly (semi-retired HSU professor)
    Dr. Matt Johnson (Matt's Links page)
    Dr. Sharon Kahara (lecturer)
    Dr. Thea Kristensen (lecturer)
    Dr. Micaela Szykman-Gunther

DepartmentsCoopers Hawk

    HSU Wildlife Department
    HSU Graduate Studies
    HSU Research Grant Info
    HSU Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Dept.


    USFS Redwood Sciences Laboratory


Spatial Analysis/GIS/GPS [Top]

National Atlas Map Layers Warehouse - Large collection of Shapefiles (wildlife mortality, seismic hazards, roads, magnetic fields, etc.)
Geospatial Resources - HSU Library
HSU Institute for Spatial Analysis (ISA)
North Coast Geographic Information Cooperative
HSU Spatial Analysis Laboratory
HSU Spatial Information Systems Institute
US Geological Survey
US Fish and Wildlife Service - GIS
National Park Service - GIS
Calif. Dept. Fish & Game - Information Technology Branch

The California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL) - State of Calif. (gis.ca.gov)

GIS Data Depot
American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis
MapTools - Using the UTM map coordinate system

USGS 24K Quad Grid Index - ESRI shapefile, NAD27


Software Programs for Animal Ecologists [Top]

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center - Population Software Archive


Employment [Top]

U.S. Office of Personnel Management (USAJobs)
CDFG - Human Resources Branch
OSNA - Ornithological Jobs
Texas A&M - Employment Opportunities in Wildlife

Society for Conservation Biology - Job Database

Humboldt State University Employment
Humboldt County Personnel Department

Biological [Top]

Humboldt County
    Friends of the Dunes
     Humboldt Bay and Eel River Estuary Benthic Habitat Project

    Natural Resources Services (Redwood Community Action Agency)

    Northcoast Environmental Center

    Redwood Region Audubon Society


    Natural Resources Defense Council

    Marine Conservation Biology

    SERCAL - California Society for Ecological Restoration

    Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages

Wireless Internet (local hotspots) [Top]

    Humboldt Hookup - Local wireless community project.

    Arcata Plaza - Arcata, Free.

    Coffee Break - Arcata (2 locations), Free.

    Muddy Waters - Arcata.

    Sacred Grounds - Arcata.

    Emerald City Laundry - Arcata.

    HSU Library - Arcata, Student & Guest login.

    Lost Coast Brewery - Eureka, Free.

    Old Towne Coffee & Chocolates - Eureka, Free.

Miscellaneous [Top]

    Half.com Textbooks

Chegg.com Textbooks

Microsoft Excel (free tutorial)



Inevitably there will be broken links as other websites are updated and edited.  If you notice a broken link or have a link suggestion please notify us to help keep this page current.  Thanks!  contact: D. Harvey


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