First Year (Freshman) Advising

Degree Audit Report for Students - DARS

The DARS is an important record of all college level work completed both at Humboldt and elsewhere. Checking your DARS regularly will help you keep track of your degree progress. This report will be available to you at orientation or initial enrollment. Subsequently you will be able to access it from a link on your Student Center. The GEAR/Major planners are a simplified version of the DARS that are a quick way for you to plan and keep track of completed classes

If you have taken exams for any college level work e.g. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate - they may count for GE (or major). Check these tables in the catalog (p.39-44) to see where they may fit with our requirements. If you have sent transcripts with results from previous work in High School, Junior or Community College to the Admissions Office, that information will be added to your DARS by the Office of the Registrar.

If you have prior college level work recorded in your DARS it may affect your semester class plans. If you need further advice please contact any of the following:

Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP)

Academic adviser:

General Advising: (707) 826 -5224

Office of the Registrar: (707)826 -4101

Admissions: (707) 826- 4402

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