Emeritus Faculty

Photo: Dr. Richard Botzler

Dr. Richard Botzler

Status:   Emeritus

Ecology of Wildlife Diseases, Environmental Ethics

Photo: Dr. Luke George

Dr. T. Luke George

Status:   Emeritus

Passerine (songbird) ecology, forest management effects on wildlife, forest fragmentation, island bird populations.

Photo: Dr. Rick Golightly

Dr. Richard Golightly

Status:  Emeritus

Animal energetics, forest carnivore ecology, nesting ecology of Marbled Murrelets.

Photo: Dr. Ralph Gutierrez

Dr. Ralph Gutierrez

Status:  Emeritus

Game Bird Ecology, with particular emphasis on the spotted owl; habitat relationships of wildlife with an emphasis on sustainable wildlife management strategies for forest-dwelling species.

Photo: Dr. Stanley Harris

Dr. Stanley Harris

Status:  Emeritus

Management of Waterfowl Populations, Ecology of Wetland Habitats

Photo: Dr. David Kitchen

Dr. David Kitchen

Status:   Emeritus

Ungulate behavior and ecology, wildlife ethology.

Photo: Dr. Archie Mossman

Dr. Archie Mossman

Status:  Emeritus

Game Management, Wildlife Utilization and Game Ranching