Dr. Daniel Barton

Photo: Dr. Daniel Barton

Website Phone: (707) 826-3430 Email: Daniel.Barton@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Life history evolution, basic and applied population ecology, and wildlife conservation. Courses taught: Conservation Biology, Principles of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Ecology and Management, Ecology of Wildlife Populations.

Dr. William "Tim" Bean

Photo: Dr. Tim Bean

Website Phone: (707) 826-3658 Email: bean@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Population ecology and species distribution models of small mammals; conservation science; historical ecology; wildlife and humanities. Courses include: Introduction to Wildlife Conservation, Upland Habitat Ecology, Senior Thesis

Dr. Jeff Black

Photo: Dr. Jeff Black

Website Phone: (707) 826-3439 Email: Jeff.Black@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Behavior studies, waterfowl ecology and conservation. Courses include: Introduction to Wildlife, Waterfowl Ecology & Management, and Behavioral Ecology.

Dr. Richard Brown

Photo: Dr. Rick Brown

Website Phone: (707) 826-3320 Email: rnb2@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Ecology and management of mammalian populations, communities, and associated disease agents. Courses include: Wildlife Diseases, Mammal Management, Environmental Ethics, and Animal Welfare Wildlife Policy.

Dr. Barbara Clucas

Photo: Dr. Barbara Clucas

Website Phone: (707) 826-5651 Email: barbara.clucas@humboldt.edu Status: Lecturer, Research Associate

Animal behavior and urban ecology. Research focuses on interspecific interactions including predator-prey and human-wildlife relationships in urban areas.

Dr. Mark Colwell

Photo: Dr. Mark Colwell

Website Phone: (707) 826-3723 Email: mac3@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Shorebird ecology, management of wetlands for shorebirds, refuge design. Courses include: Ornithology, Conservation Biology, Management of Shorebirds, Birds and Human Society.

Dr. Lowell Diller

Photo: Dr. Lowell Diller

Email: ldillerconsulting@gmail.com Status: Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty

Population dynamics, habitat use, and foraging ecology of Spotted Owls in managed redwood forests. The effects of forest management on small mammals, and amphibians. Dr. Diller is the Senior Biologist for Simpson Timber Company in Korbel, CA.

Dr. Mourad W. Gabriel

Photo: Dr. Mourad W. Gabriel

Email: mgabriel@iercecology.org Status: Lecturer

Research interest include conservation biology, mammalian carnivore ecology, ecotoxicolgy, human-wildlife conflicts, wildlife disease ecology, molecular ecology and wildlife immunodiagnostics. Study species include mesopredators, avian and herpetofauna. Dr. Gabriel is the Executive Director of Integral Ecology Research Center in Blue Lake, California.

Dr. Micaela Szykman Gunther

Photo: Dr. Micaela Szykman Gunther

Website Phone: (707) 826-3520 Email: ms147@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Research interests focus on reproductive behavior and its underlying physiology in social mammals. Her work is primarily based on field studies and uses naturally occurring variation in wild populations to address testable alternative evolutionary hypotheses in behavioral ecology. Courses include: Wildlife Techniques, Management of Mammals, Wildlife Ethology.

Laurie A. Hall

Photo: Laurie A. Hall

Phone: (707) 826-3829 Email: laurie.hall@humboldt.edu Status: Lecturer

Structural and functional connectivity of threatened and endangered wildlife. Courses include: Conservation Biology and Ecology and Management of Seabirds.

Dr. Matthew Johnson

Photo: Dr. Matt Johnson

Website Phone: (707) 826-3218 Email: mdj6@humboldt.edu Status: Faculty

Wildlife habitat relationships, habitat selection, ecology and conservation of migratory songbirds, tropical wildlife ecology. Courses include: Habitat Ecology, Advanced Habitat Ecology, Ornithology, Wildlife Techniques, Wildlife Conclave.

Dr. Sharon Kahara

Photo: Dr. Sharon Kahara

Phone: (707) 826-3724 Email: sharon.kahara@humboldt.edu Status: Lecturer, Research Associate

Wetland ecosystem functioning in natural and modified landscapes as well as wetland wildlife use. Past research activities included evaluating impacts of urbanization on aquatic systems in a developing country, and investigating effects of climate and human activities on wetland ecosystem service delivery.

Dr. Greta Wengert

Photo: Greta Wengert

Email: gwengert@iercecology.org Status: Lecturer

My research focuses on relationships among forest carnivores as well as amphibian conservation and ecology, and combines field-based methods and molecular tools to answer ecological questions. Current research includes investigation of bobcat and cougar predation on fisher and how habitat mediates these interactions. Assistant director and ecologist at Integral Ecology Research Center in Blue Lake, CA.

Emeritus Faculty

Adjunct and Associate Faculty

Adjunct and associate faculty are affiliated with the Wildlife Department but have positions in other agencies or organizations and do not teach classes on a regular basis. Adjunct faculty may advise up to three graduate students.

Harry Carter

Photo: Harry Carter

Status: Associate Faculty

Seabird Ecology, Conservation and restoration of seabird colonies.

Dr. Lowell Diller

Photo: Dr. Lowell Diller

Email: ldillerconsulting@gmail.com Status: Adjunct Faculty

Population dynamics, habitat use, and foraging ecology of Spotted Owls in managed redwood forests. The effects of forest management on small mammals, and amphibians. Dr. Diller is the Senior Biologist for Simpson Timber Company in Korbel, CA.

Dr. Alan Franklin

Photo: Dr. Alan Franklin

Status: Adjunct Faculty

Research interests: ecology and dynamics of wildlife populations, especially in the context of management and conservation problems; spotted owls. Dr. Franklin is a research scientist for the Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Dr. Judd Howell

Photo: Dr. Judd Howell

Status: Adjunct Faculty

Mammalian population dynamics and management, e.g. tule elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, wildlife-habitat relationships, effects of human activities on biodiversity in coastal ecosystems, raptor migration, effects of wind energy development on birds. Dr Howell is the director of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland.

Dr. Brian Hudgens

Photo: Dr. Brian Hudgens

Phone: (707) 822-4258 Email: hudgens@iws.org Status: Adjunct Faculty

Quantitative ecology and conservation biology. Integrating field studies with population models to predict population dynamics, disease spread in, and dispersal of rare, threatened and endangered species. Study species include amphibians, birds, birds and carnivores. Dr. Hudgens is a research ecologist at the Institute for Wildlife Studies in Arcata, CA.

Dr. Nils Warnock

Photo: Dr. Nils Warnock

Email: nwarnock@audubon.org Status: Adjunct Faculty

Shorebird migration and conservation, conservation of Alaska's public lands, Arctic ecology, flyway policy and protection, effects of oil on wildlife. Dr. Warnock is the Executive Director of Audubon Alaska and lives in Anchorage, AK.

Dr. Hartwell Welsh

Photo: Dr. Hartwell Welsch

Website Phone: (707) 825-2956 Email: hwelsh@fs.fed.us Status: Adjunct Faculty

Autecology and community structure of forest and riparian-associated herpetofauna in redwood and Douglas-fir/hardwood forests. The use of reptiles and amphibians as indicators for monitoring the status of ecosystems and investigations of the possible mechanisms contributing to declines in amphibians. Dr. Welsch is a Research Scientist with the U.S. Forest Service working out of Redwood Sciences Laboratory, Arcata, CA.

Dr. Steve Zack

Photo: Dr. Steve Zack

Email: szack@wcs.org Status: Adjunct Faculty

The effects of fire on bird and small mammal communities, the interaction between snag decay processes and woodpecker foraging and cavity excavation, restoration ecology, the effects of oil development on nesting shorebirds. Dr. Zack is a scientist for the Wildlife Conservation Society and lives in Portland, OR.

Dr. William Zielinski


Email: bzielinski@fs.fed.us Status: Associate Faculty

Research interests: carnivore conservation, forest mammals, bats. Dr. Zielinksi is a Research Scientist with the US Forest Service working out of Redwood Sciences Laboratory, Arcata, CA.


Dr. Gilly Black

Photo: Gilly Black

Phone: (707) 826-3458 Email: gcb4@humboldt.edu

Gilly Black is the Academic Advisor for Majors in Wildlife Biology, Environmental Science and Environmental Management and Protection. Gilly's duties include meeting regularly with students to provide sound advising for course schedules, making recommendations on progress towards degree and helping freshmen and sophomore students to create personalized graduation plans.

Tamar Danufsky

Photo: Tamar Danufsky

Phone: (707) 826-4034 Email: td6@humboldt.edu

As curator of the Wildlife museum, Tamar prepares, catalogs, and maintains bird and mammal specimens and exhibits for classes and research. She also is the primary contact person for oiled birds, and ensures our spill response facility is in a state of readiness.

Anthony Desch

Photo: Anthony Desch

Phone: (707) 826-3460 Email: ajd44@humboldt.edu

The Wildlife and Fisheries stockroom is filled with equipment and supplies to support teaching and research such as binoculars and spotting scopes, mammal live-traps, aquatic sampling devices, GPS units, etc. With proper training, many of the items can be checked out to students enrolled is Wildlife classes for individual projects.

Stockroom hours: 8:30 - 10:00 A.M. Monday through Friday, 2:00 - 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday except Tuesday, and by appointment.

Katherine Moon

Photo: Katherine Moon

Phone: (707) 826-3953 Email: moon@humboldt.edu

Katherine Moon is the Administrative Support Coordinator for the Departments of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. Katherine's duties include providing administrative support for the faculty, managing the budget, and assisting students.

ASA II - Vacant

Phone: (707) 826-3953

Provides administrative support in the Wildlife and Fisheries Department Office. In addition to answering the phone and assisting faculty and students, also maintains the web pages for the departments.