Humboldt State University

William “Tim” Bean, Ph.D.

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WLDF 210 - Introduction to Wildlife Conservation and Administration

Prerequisites: None
Course Description: History of relationship between wildlife and people, including laws and regulatory agencies, 3 units.

WLDF 301 - Principles of Wildlife Management

Prerequisites: WLDF 210 and BIOL105/ BOT105/ZOOL 110
Course Description: Plant/animal ecology; population dynamics; philosophy, 3 units.

WLDF 431 - Upland Habitat Ecology

Prerequisites: WLDF 301 and WLDF 311
Course Description:Theoretical and applied considerations for managing upland habitats to benefit wildlife species, 3 units.

WLDF 468 - Spatial Analysis for Wildlife Ecology

Prerequisites: WLDF 311 and GSP 270
Course Description:Methods and theory for studying spatial wildlife relationships; home range analysis; habitat selection and distribution models; corridor modeling and connectivity, 3 units.

WLDF 531 - Advanced Spatial Ecology

Course Description:Applied questions in spatial wildlife ecology, using GIS and remote sensing, 3 units.