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Mark Colwell, Ph.D.

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

82 in 25+ years; 65 since arriving at HSU; student co-authors underlined.

  • Colwell, M.A., E.J. Feucht, M.J. Lau, D.J. Orluck, S.E. Mcallister and Amber N. Transou. 2017. Recent snowy plover population increase arises from high immigration rate in coastal northern California. Wader Study 124:000-000.
  • Eberhart-Phillips, L.J., B.R. Hudgens, and M.A. Colwell. 2015. Spatial synchrony of a threatened shorebird: regional roles of climate, dispersal and management. Bird Conservation International 25:119-135.
  • Herman, D.M and M.A. Colwell. 2015. Lifetime reproductive success in the snowy plover. Condor 117:473-481.
  • Eberhart-Phillips, L.J. and M.A. Colwell. 2014. Conservation challenges of a sink: the viability of an isolated population of the snowy plover. Bird Conservation International. 24:327-342.
  • Colwell, M.A., W.J. Pearson, L.J. Eberhart-Phillips, and S.J. Dinsmore. 2013. Apparent survival of snowy plovers (charadrius nivosus) varies with reproductive effort and year and between sexes. Auk 130:725-732.
  • Pearson, W.J. and M.A. Colwell. 2013. Effects of nest success and mate fidelity on breeding dispersal of snowy plovers charadrius nivosus. Bird conservation international 24:342-353.
  • Burrell, N.S. And M.A. Colwell. 2012. Direct and indirect evidence that productivity of snowy plovers charadrius nivosus varies with occurrence of a nest predator. Wildfowl 62:202-221.
  • Franks, S. et al. (long list of co-authors, including Colwell, M.A). 2012. Range-wide patterns of migratory connectivity in the western sandpiper calidris mauri. Journal Avian Biology 43:1-13.
  • Hardy, M.A. And M.A. Colwell. 2012. Factors influencing snowy plover nest survival on ocean fronting beaches in coastal northern California. Waterbirds 35:503-511.
  • Watts, C.M., J. Cao, C. Panza, C. Dugaw, M. Colwell and E.A. Burroughs. 2012. Modeling the effects of predator exclosures on a western snowy plover population. Natural Resource Modeling 25:529-547.

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Presentations at Professional Meetings

I regularly present and co-author papers at regional and national meetings. For example, in 2006-07, I co-authored 9 papers with students at three CA meetings: 1) Western Section of The Wildlife Society, Monterey; 2) Pacific Seabird Group, Asilomar; and 3) Society of Wetland Scientists, Sacramento.