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Publications & Manuscripts

* indicates student-authors

Peer-reviewed publications

  • 2016. Milligan*, M. C., Johnson, M. D., Garfinkel*, M., Smith*, C. J., & Njoroge, P.  2016. Quantifying pest control services by birds and ants in Kenyan coffee farms. Biological Conservation 194: 58-65.reprint
  • 2015. Smith*, C., D. Barton, M.D. Johnson, C. Wendt*, M.C. Milligan, P. Njoroge, P. Gichuki.  Bird communities in sun and shade coffee farms in Kenya.  Global Ecology and Conservation.reprint
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  • 2015 Spragens, K*, J.M. Black, and M.D. Johnson.  Aleutian Cackling Goose Branta hutchinsii leucopareia use of pastures in relation to livestock management.  Wildfowl 65: 31–50. reprint
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  • 1996 Johnson, M.D. and J.G. Gilardi. The communal roosting behavior of the Crested Caracara in southern Guatemala. Journal of Field Ornithology:44-47 reprint

Opinion-editorial publications & popular articles

  • 2003 Johnson, M.D. Liar, liar, brush on fire. [Opinion essay on prevention of brush fires like those in Southern California, fall 2003] EcoNews Nov-Dec, 2003. print version
  • 2003 Johnson, M.D. Where will the wood come from? [Opinion essay on logging in National Forests inspired by preparatory work for Habitat Ecology course lectures] San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday October 13. reprint
  • 2003 Johnson, M.D. Student project contributes to marsh restoration and enhancement effort. Outdoor California, May-June Issue, Pages 4-7. reprint
  • 2001 Johnson, M.D. “Twenty years of schooling and they put you on the day shift”: reflections of a first-year wildlife teacher. Wildlife Society Bulletin:1298-1299 reprint
  • 2001 Johnson, M.D. [Co-written with numerous student authors] Why Y2Y?[Opinion essay on merits of a conservation initiative written with students and stemming from in-class debate in Habitat Ecology course.] EcoNews Jan-Feb, 2001. print version
  • 2000 Johnson, M.D. A piece of the pie. [Opinion essay on human population problem inspired by preparatory work for Wildlife Ecology & Management lectures]. EcoNews Nov-Dec, 2000. print version
  • Various “Letters-to-the-Editor” compiled