Humboldt State University

March 11-14, 2011

Students in a field


Student chapters of The Wildlife Society come together each spring to compete in regional conclaves to test their mettle as up-and-coming wildlife biologists.

This opportunity provides students with hands-on experience in wildlife management and conservation practices as well as a chance to meet and network with professionals and fellow students.

Conclaves typically include field trips, competitions, presentations, banquets and the most anticipated event -- the quiz bowl. The quiz bowl is designed to test students’ knowledge of topics related to wildlife. Topics include wildlife management, taxonomy, international conservation, statistics, techniques, population dynamics, and TWS trivia as well as others.

The Wildlife Society’s mission is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and its habitats worldwide.” (Visit the Wildlife Society website)