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Arabic Studies


FREN 324 Intensive Arabic Language in Morocco (3)                

(Current Spring, 2009)
Professor: Valérie Budig-Markin  

Morocco field experience plus weekly meetings at HSU in spring. 

Pre-preparation: Minimum of three hours beginning to learn the Modern Standard Arabic alphabet.

Field experience in Morocco: December 20 through January 17
  • Classroom meetings for 2 hours per day for 2 1/2 weeks at the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (CCCL), Rabat, Morocco. See hour-by-hour instructional activities for other instructor-supervised Arabic language practice.

Textbook: Alif-Ba-a: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds plus DVD
By Kristen Brustad et al. (Georgetown UP).

  • Immersion experience in Morocco

Students will be learning Modern Standard Arabic (with some Moroccan Arabic) in the classroom. Outside the institute you will have a continuing opportunity to hear and speak the Moroccan language, a mix of Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French and other linguistic influences.

You will be able to make simple cultural and linguistic comparisons between the two languages of Arabic and Moroccan Arabic and hear their use in Moroccan society, particularly as you travel to different geographical and cultural regions of Morocco.  You will begin with the linguistic fabric of Rabat and then experience that of the desert, the Atlas Mountains, Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouira. During this week you will also be exposed to dialects of the Berber language. You will see differences between language use in urban and rural societies, in upper- and lower-class milieux.

  • During the month-long field experience, you have resources in your instructors, guides, public interaction, and homestay families, who can help you understand the elements and roles of the Arabic language.
  • Assessment input by HSU program director in consultation with institute instructors, according to student attendance, participation and improvement in Arabic. (95% of course grade)
HSU campus sessions Jan. 20 - March 13
  • Weekly 1 - hour Arabic language sessions for the first half of the semester begin with a discussion of the linguistic make-up of Morocco and the role of Modern Standard and classical Arabic in Morocco.
  • Sessions continue in Modern Standard Arabic with Moroccan Fulbright Arabic Teaching, who will teach and assess student work with professor (5% grade).