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Arabic Studies

Arabic Abroad — Rabat, Morocco

Humboldt State University

HSU Students on Camels in Morocco


Time period: Leave Friday, Dec. 19 ACV-SFO-JFK-CMN? Fly SFO-JFK-CMN? Or ACV
SLC-JFK-CMN?, arrive Casablanca by Saturday, Dec. 20 or Sunday, Dec. 21 (everyone at about
the same time—to be picked up by CCCL)

  1. Field experience until Jan. 17: one month between Fall and Spring semesters
  2. Follow-up weekly classes Jan. 20-March 13: during the first half of the Spring semester
Academic Courses:

register in OctoberNovember for Spring semester units: 7 or 8 units (8 units for French and Francophone Studies majors):

  • FREN 324 Intensive Arabic Language in Morocco (3)
  • FREN 326 Culture & Civilization in Morocco (2)
  • FREN 325 or 327 Cultural Journal in Morocco (French) (3) or (English) (2)

Final grade determinations by HSU program director.

8 units applicable to French and Francophone Studies major and minor. All
units applicable for graduation.

In Morocco

Three weeks: Arabic and Culture/Civilization classes and activities plus Homestay with a family in the medina or in the new part of Rabat One week (8 days): Cultural immersion experience traveling to sites and cities in Morocco: Fes, Marrakech, Volubilis, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, Meknès, Atlas Mountains, Sahara desert, gorges of Tanghir, Moroccan NGO.

Back at HSU
  • Continue Arabic studies
  • Debrief cultural experiences
  • Expand on field experience and draw conclusions
  • Prepare joint student presentation of experiences in the Morocco Study Program: Last
    year students selected the themes of languages, living with a Moroccan
    family, culture and civilization, cultural geography, Islam, and cuisine.

TOTAL is approximately $5,840. Student fees for the Morocco field experience are
$4,000; these fees appear attached to FREN 480 Culture and Civilization in Morocco. Program fees include all classes, cultural activities, room and board, and program travel within Morocco.
Airfare to Casablanca is about $1,800 round trip from Arcata Airport to Salt Lake City Airport, then John F. Kennedy to Casablanca airports and back again. (There may be better rates.) Health insurance through Healthlink will vary. TOTAL may approximate $5,840.
HSU credits require no additional fees for in-state students who are also registered for a minimum of seven other units of Spring semester coursework.
Financial aid is available but cannot be dispersed until the first day of regular Spring term classes.Short-term loans are available from the Financial Aid Office ($450 for travel) and from Humboldt First. Scholarships are available; visit the Study Abroad office.

Payment of Program Fees:

Program fees of $4,000 are due November 6, 2008, in order for their arrival by Nov. 14 in Morocco.


Includes orientation and evaluation at hotels, HOMESTAY in Rabat, all MEALS, and
HOTELS (or one night in a tent in the Sahara Desert!) during the 8-day CULTURAL

Selection Process:

Interested students sign up for interviews for participation in the program. No second-language study is required. Minimum age 18, preferably 19 by date of departure. Students should have a B- GPA (or explain successfully why an exception should be made in their case) and be able to represent HSU and the United States with thoughtfulness and discretion. Students likely to succeed in the program have one or more of the following:

  • previous travel abroad
  • interest in other cultures than his/her own
  • previous second or third language study;
    community service experience
  • economic self-sufficiency
  • experience caring for family members, children, other dependents,
    friends in need
  • internship experience
  • successful study in related fields, such as political science, Middle
    Eastern history, world history, religious studies, women’s studies,
    anthropology, cultural studies, international studies
  • other experiences demonstrating adaptability to different circumstances or

  1. Read the information on the Center for Disease Control's Travel webpage; select “destinations” and then click on “North Africa".
    Consider optional immunizations, which can take one month to complete.
  2. See your doctor IMMEDIATELY about what immunizations and cautions she recommends and initiate
    preventive measures.
  3. Be sure you have international health insurance (visit the HSU-recommended insurance page ( with medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. It costs about $40 for 30 days, depending on your age.


Students must have a valid passport.

Study Abroad Documents:

The Study Abroad office (SH 129, Study Abroad webpage link) will explain health insurance, the Emergency Information card, General Student Information, a Program Packet, and the Study Abroad Release Form.

Minimum number of participants:

A minimum of ten approved students must pay their $4,000 program fees by Nov. 6 for the program to take place.

Emergency Contacts:
In Morocco:
  1. Farah Cherif D’Ouezzan, Administrative Director
  2. HSU liaison professor:
    Center for Cross-Cultural Learning Professor Sanae Ghouati
    Avenue Laalou, Derb Zjirari, Zkt. Hassani #11French Department
    Rabat Medina, Morocco Ibn Tofail University
    Phone: (212) (0) 27-20-23-65 or 66 Kénitra, Morocco
    Fax: (212) (0) 37-20-23-67 Phone: (212) 60-54-81-83
    Email: Email:


Professor Valérie Budig-Markin, Morocco Program Coordinator
French and Francophone Studies Program (Director),

Department of World Languages & Cultures

Humboldt State University,

Arcata CA 95521-8299

Phone: (707) 826-3710

Fax: (707) 826-3227