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Chinese Studies

Course Descriptions

Lower Division

CHIN 105. Chinese Level I (4). Introduction to Chinese language and culture. Students learn the pronunciation of Chinese, an introduction to Chinese characters, and the basics of conversation and grammar in the context of presentations on language and culture. [Coreq: CHIN 110. Rep.]

CHIN 109 / ES 109. Introduction to Chinese Studies (3). This course employs historical, philosophical, comparative, and interdisciplinary approaches to study Chinese cultures and societies in global and local contexts. [Rep. GE. DCG-n.]

CHIN 110. Chinese Language Laboratory (1). Must be taken with first and second year language courses. Self-directed, subscription-based online language course. [Rep. three times. Coreq: CHIN 105, CHIN 112, CHIN 113, or CHIN 207.]

CHIN 112. Chinese Level II (4). Continuation of CHIN 105. Language as a communicative medium and carrier of culture. Oral communication, character recognition, and listening experiences to include Chinese language lectures, films, radio, and oral reading. Outlines of Chinese history and relationships to language. [Prereq: CHIN 105 (C). Coreq: CHIN 110.]

CHIN 113. Chinese Level III (4). Grammar review; develop understanding, speaking, reading, writing, knowledge of Chinese culture. Readings, presentations. Language as a communicative medium and carrier of culture. [Prereq: CHIN 112 (C) or equiv. Coreq: CHIN 110.]

CHIN 207. Chinese Level IV (4). Review grammar, vocabulary development, conversation, character recognition and composition skills. Students work with a 4th semester Chinese text focused on advanced social skills and special academic topics. [Prereq: CHIN 113 (C) or equiv. Coreq: CHIN 110.]

CHIN 280. Special Topics (1-4). This lower division seminar intends to provide language and cultural background knowledge to students and to encourage interaction between students and instructor/invited guest speakers and among the students themselves. [Rep.]

Upper Division

CHIN 311. Advanced Reading & Composition (4). Contemporary grammatical analysis/terminology; contrasts within the Chinese language. Current idiomatic and formal usage in both oral and written Chinese. [Prereq: CHIN 207 (C).]

CHIN 390 / ANTH 390. Chinese Cultural Heritage Seminar (4). Culture, values, and social interaction in Chinese Regions. Analyze cultural integration, contact, change, and development in historical and contemporary contexts. [Interchangeable with ANTH 390 only when it is offered as Chinese Cultural Heritage Seminar.]

CHIN 480. Undergraduate Seminar (1-4). Special topics in Chinese language, literature, history, and culture. [Rep.]

CHIN 499. Directed Study (1-4). Directed readings and assignments approved by instructor. [Rep.]