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German Studies

Course Descriptions

Lower Division

GERM 105. German Level I (4). Introduces German through communication-based instruction and activities. Does not meet lower division GE requirements. Instructor may waive upon demonstration of equivalent proficiency. [Coreq: GERM 110.]

GERM 106. German Level II (4). Communication- based approach to the German-speaking world. Develop basic language skills while learning about cultural differences/similarities. [GE. Coreq: GERM 110.]

GERM 107. German Level III (4). Improve conversational, reading, and writing skills through review of language essentials. A cultural studies approach to learning German. [GE. Coreq: GERM 110.]

GERM 110. German Language Laboratory (1). Must be taken with first and second year language courses. Self-directed, subscription-based online language course. [Rep. three times. Coreq: GERM 105, GERM 106, GERM 107, or GERM 207.]

GERM 207. German Level IV (4). Continued review of language essentials and culture. Read modern literary texts in German. [Prereq: GERM 107, its equivalent, or IA. Coreq: GERM 110.]

GERM 250. German Intermediate Conversation (3). Practice the spoken language, with practical vocabulary and discussion of topics of contemporary interest. [Prereq: GERM 106 or IA. Rep.]

GERM 280. Lower Division Retreat/Seminar (1-3). Language retreat or seminar with guest lecturer; typically offered on weekend; culminates in project or report. Or lab for which times of required attendance are self-determined. [Prereq: completed German level II or IA. Rep.]

Upper Division

GERM 305. Marx, Nietzsche, Freud & German Literature (3). Literary texts by major authors. Works reflect a search for both personal freedom and social responsibility by incorporating ideas of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud. Taught in English. [GE.]

GERM 306 / FREN 306 / SPAN 306 / WS 306. Sex, Class, & Culture: Gender & Ethnic Issues in International Short Stories (3). Gender and ethnic issues in French, German, Spanish and English-language short stories by and about wom- en. Readings, lectures, and discussions entirely in English. [Rep. DCG-n. GE.]

GERM 311. German Level V (4). Increases student proficiency in language and culture through active use of German for purposeful communication. In-depth study of language and culture and solid progress in language. Incorporates text, video, audio, and computer. [Prereq: GERM 207, its equivalent, or IA. Rep twice.]

GERM 312. German Level VI (4). Uses proven strategies to build oral and written skills and enables meaningful communication. In-depth study of language and culture and solid progress in language. Incorporates text, video, audio, and computer. [Prereq: GERM 311, its equivalent, or IA. Rep twice.]

GERM 350. Advanced Conversational German (3). Improve fluency in spoken German. [Prereq: GERM 207 or IA. Rep.]

GERM 480. Undergraduate Seminar (1-4). Film seminar, weekend language retreat, or study of a literary figure, period, or cultural aspect of Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Also the Children's Language Academy. [Prereq: IA. Rep.]

GERM 499. Directed Study (1-3). Directed reading. [Hours TBA. Rep.]