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Oaxaca Program Student Contract

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Department of World Languages and Cultures
Spanish Program
Oaxaca Program

My signature below indicates that I understand and agree to the following rules and regulations, behavior, personal conduct, and conditions:

Responsibilities with host family
  1. I will maintain a clean and orderly bedroom.
  2. I will respect host family rules and ask for clarification if in doubt. I will confirm or make known to the host family any plans regarding the hours I will arrive home and when I am expected to return. I will be sure to communicate when I am not spending the night at home on a specific evening or future day and week.
  3. I am solely responsible for transportation needs for personal activities. I will not ask the host family members for rides.
  4. I will be expected to prepare, serve, and clean up after myself when eating at home outside regular meal times. Food will be set aside for you by the host family in case of absence.
  5. I will respect the common family living space and accept family habits and customs with no criticism or protest. Courtesy and kindness goes a long way.
  6. I will not use drugs or alcohol in the host family residence. I will not return to the host family drunk, drugged, or otherwise disruptive to the night peace of the house.
  7. I will use the host family phone in case of emergency only. I am responsible to pay for any personal phone calls. Long distance phone calls are only permitted if requested in advance and permission is granted by the host family. It is recommended that the student buy a Lada/Telmex prepaid phone card for personal use or bring a personal cell phone. Calls (except collect calls) from friends and family to host family residence phone will be permitted within reasonable hours and reasonable duration.
  8. I will notify immediately the program Director in case of personal conflicts with my host family or one of its members. The Director will mediate to the mutual benefit of any involved parties to resolve the situation.
Individual responsibilities
  1. 1. I understand that any evidence of use of alcohol or drugs during weekdays,
    program activities, classes or during any Oaxaca-related event will result in my
    expulsion from the program.
  2. I agree to be respectful to all Oaxaca program participants, instructors, and
    officials. I further agree to communicate to the program Director awareness of
    any questionable behaviors or activities of others.
  3. I understand I am required to obtain permission from the program Director in
    advance if any independent plans to leave the program, Oaxaca City, and/or State
    of Oaxaca that occur within the program dates.
  4. I agree to communicate any medical conditions or needs to the program Director.
Field trip responsibilities
  1. I understand that my participation in all program scheduled field trips is required.
  2. I agree to be punctual to all program activities, events, and classes. Tardiness
    affects everyone.
  3. I agree to prepare for trips in advance, follow the advice and guidance of the
    program Director, and communicate any special needs.
  4. I agree to notify the program Director in advance if I am unable to attend any
    scheduled program activities or events, whenever possible.
  5. I understand that, unless authorized by the program Director, organized program
    student groups must stay together.
Academic responsibilities
  1. I agree to attend all Oaxaca classes and required activities.
  2. I agree to work to the best of my ability.
  3. I agree to act with courtesy and respect towards others.
Oaxaca Program Finance Policies
  1. I accept sole financial responsibility incurred as a direct result of personal acts of violence, vandalism, misuse of drugs or alcohol, including transportation expenses in the event I am expelled.
  2. I accept sole financial responsibility for personal medications, medical emergencies, or medical supplies.
  3. I understand the Oaxaca Program will only refund any remaining positive balance designated as family expenses not yet incurred by me on the date of withdrawal. This refund will only be granted for special and compelling circumstances.
  4. I understand if I am expelled from the program I am not eligible for any refunds.
  5. I understand that if, due to special circumstances, I cannot participate in a scheduled event or activity, I will not receive any refund.
  6. I understand that HSU and Extended Education tuition fees are subject to the respective refund policies and schedules already established.
  7. I understand I am responsible to arrange transportation to and from the Oaxaca program and am solely financially responsible for these costs.

I understand and agree that all decisions made under the authority of the Director are binding and not appealable.

Participant Name (printed), Signature, Date

Program Director, Signature, Date