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Oaxaca, Mexico Field Experience Questionnaire

This course is an international service learning experience. You will be placed in an organization in Oaxaca to complete its requirements.

This is a unique opportunity to become familiar with Oaxacan and Mexican socio-economic and cultural reality, the daily challenges of life, and to learn from a true immersion with a non-tourist perspective.

We also hope that you will take this opportunity to make a contribution to Mexican society through the organization in which you will be placed. All the organizations enlisted in our service learning program are social service oriented in nature and vary from human services to environmental causes, business, health, and education.

The on-site director in charge of coordinating this Field Project Experience course will strive to place you in the most suitable organization for you. We will do our best to place you in an organization that matches your personal interests, but this may not always be possible. Sometimes, other organizations may need you more and are more ready to embrace you in the most friendly and valuable service learning environment available.

In order to find the most appropriate match for you, help us by responding to the following questions in English. Make sure to be precise in your answers. Your information is the most important point of reference we have to make an appropriate placement. Actually, it is the only point of reference. Do provide us with any additional information that you feel is relevant. Do not confuse "interest" as something you would like to explore, but actually have no experience or background in, versus true talents and skills that you do have.

Please read each question carefully and respond as completely as you can.