Waste-Reduction & Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP)

Funded by Associated Students


sustainability at HSU

Want To Help Educate on Waste-Reduction?

Contact the Education Director at wrrap@humboldt.edu to find out various opportunities and events. Students are always encouraged to bring new ideas to support the effort.

Welcome to Education

Reaching out to the student body and campus community with tabling and on-campus events, Education promotes awareness of resources and waste reduction. We host numerous on-campus that reflect the message of WRRAP. The three main outreach efforts are the Clothing Swap, Trash Mountain, and Donation Dash.

Clothing swap reflects on the three R’s: reuse, reduce, and recycle. Rather than throwing away your tired wardrobe, we ask you come swap your clothes with other students. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Trash Mountain brings attention to the amount of waste generated by students living on-campus. We set up a display on the UC Quad with a pile of full trash bags to mimic the 638 pounds of trash the average students produces over a year.

The display on the Quad collaborates with Donation Dash, which is Education’s most important event of the year. When students move out of their dormitories at the end of the spring semester, Education and volunteers manage and control the items students would otherwise throw away. It collectively diverts reusable items to thrift stores and recyclable items otherwise trashed to the proper bins. Volunteers make a huge difference in waste reduction and receive special thank you gifts from WRRAP.

It is not only important to connect with fellow students who agree with the practices of waste reduction, but also to reach out to people who don’t understand its significance. We are always looking for volunteers to give a helping hand with our events and we encourage creativity and inventiveness in creating new outreach methods. We want to be able to inspire and create a better living environment and give any interested students the opportunity to participate and create under WRRAP.

volunteer opportunities

  • Involve the campus community to take personal changes in consumption habits
  • Provide educational flyers, website, videos and promotions using multi-media programs
  • Meet with Humboldt State administration to enact waste reduction into school policy

Contact: wrrap@humboldt.edu