Waste-Reduction & Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP)

Funded by Associated Students


sustainability at HSU

Donate To R.O.S.E.

Drop off new or gently used office supplies at the R.O.S.E. storefront, between Campus Apartments and  Gist Hall.



Welcome to the Reusable Office Supply Exchange

R.O.S.E. is an acronym for the Reusable Office Supply Exchange program. R.O.S.E. staff actively solicit the donations of reusable office and school supplies from the campus community of students, faculty and staff. The materials are then organized and stored at the R.O.S.E. Storehouse at Warren House 53. In the Storefront, every school day, 8am to 5pm the same community of students, faculty and staff are offered these supplies totally free of charge. R.O.S.E. not only negates the need to produce unnecessary products that create a waste stream of their own, but also the need to purchase. R.O.S.E. saves students an average of eight thousand dollars a semester and over twenty thousand in the spring 2010 semester.

As a student run program, R.O.S.E. provides an opportunity for students to take an active role in keeping reusable materials out of landfills. Volunteers who participate can learn how to manage an office, keep track of inventories, assign monetary value to these data, work with a team to accomplish short and long term goals and advertising. Students may also utilize their creative skills by inventing new uses for sometimes obsolete products like making terrariums from old floppy disk file cases.

For more information on where to recycle/reuse almost anything in Humboldt County visit humboldtrecycling.org.

volunteer opportunities

  • Arrange the R.O.S.E. Storehouse for new supplies and better storage
  • Organize R.O.S.E. donation drives to restock the Storehouse
  • File items taken through R.O.S.E. onto spreadsheets & compare savings to previous semesters

Contact: wrrap@humboldt.edu