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Serve-a-Thon Service Project 2013

The Serve-a-Thon service project was held at Elk River Access Area along the Hikshari Trail in Eureka, south of the Bayshore Mall.  It was amazing to discover that there was already a paved trail that skirted the marshland, providing magnificent views and the serenity of a natural setting.  We were there to assist in the ongoing process of rehabilitating this landscape by participating in a variety of service tasks. See photos below.

Our creative and artistic ART and Homelessness Network volunteers engaged in graffiti removal from concrete structures left behind from previous building sites.  They were able to replace the graffiti with spray painted murals providing a message of hope and support for a more natural setting.

Volunteers from our Environmental Education program and LEAP program marshaled their physical energy in removing invasive plants that have spread among the salt marsh habitat.

Study Buddy volunteers took on the task of striping the new curbing pavement while ASB volunteers fanned out to ask interview trail users about their trail experience. 

The remainder of our approximately 80 volunteers took part in trail restoration, sweeping and clearing debris and beach cleanup.  It was a great way to spend our Cesar Chavez holiday.

Art replaces graffiti on concrete remnants

Art replaces graffiti on concrete remnants

volunteers remove invasive  plants

Volunteers remove invasive plants

Program directors paint curbing stripes

Program Directors stripe curbing

Volunteers prepare forms to interview trail users

Volunteers are ready to interview trail users

Volunteers pile plant debris onto tarp

Plant debris is cleared from trails

Group photo of YES volunteers

Our group makes quite an impact on this day of service!

Supporting Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. Programs survive through the generosity of many individuals and businesses. We welcome and greatly appreciate your financial contributions at any time. If you would like to discuss how you could best assist us to continue our services to the community while building the leadership capacity of young people, please contact our Coordinator, Lorena Boswell (707) 826-4965, or

Cookbook Project

"A Taste of Humboldt" cookbook was made possible because local people believed in our goal: providing scholarships to those students who spend long hours in direct community service. Any profits from the sale of this book will be used to support student program directors of Youth Educational Services.

The Marjorie Fitzpatrick Cookbook Scholarship Fund

Why a cookbook project?A Taste of Humboldt Cookbook

The organization and implementation of the many Y.E.S. programs are achieved only through the hard work of the numerous student directors who initiate and orchestrate each program. Being a student director takes a great deal of time from an already busy student schedule. All proceeds derived from the sales of "A Taste of Humboldt" form a scholarship fund that enables student directors to continue in their roles when faced with economic hardship. The Fund has been named in honor of a long standing Y.E.S. community advisor who served as a founding member of the group that developed the cookbook.

While the primary goal of the cookbook has been to support Y.E.S., the cookbook also supplies the reader with a great way to get to know some of the people that are Humboldt County. From the original Native American inhabitants of California's North Coast to its newest Southeast Asian immigrants, many peoples and cultures have left their handprints on Humboldt County. The Italians, Portuguese, Scandinavians, Swiss, Yugoslavs and Nova Scotians who left their home lands, as well as pioneers who moved westward, brought diversity and enrichment to their new communities. Their stories, along with maps and vintage photographs are collected here with hundreds of their recipes.

To order a cook book, you will need to download, print and mail this form. To print the cookbook order form you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.