To support students in providing volunteer programs


Program Directors

Vanessa Mored:  Mon 12-2 / Tues 2:30-5
Lauren Ramirez:  Mon 1-3 / Tues 11-1
Mondseratt Ortiz: Tues & Thurs 2:30-4:00 / Wed 5-6 / Friday 9-10:30

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

T 7-8pm Upstairs Y.E.S.


Program Mission

Hand-in-Hand meets the needs of current and former foster youth of Humboldt County by providing them with a safe, positive and supportive environment to participate and engage in activities such as rock climbing, outdoor games, arts and crafts, skating, and tide-pooling. These activities increase self-esteem, build trust and help in the development of valuable relationships with consistent adults. Hand-in-Hand volunteers serve as positive role models for the foster youth of all ages. They offer steady support and encouragement. Through these collaborative endeavors, both participants and volunteers gain understanding and patience that aid in the development of healthy relationships and augment the emotional growth of all parties involved.

Volunteer and children discover starfish at beach.
Volunteer and children discover starfish at beach.

Service, Goals & Projects

The program schedules several weekend outings or activities each month to address a wide range of interests. These activities may include arts and crafts and food making projects, games, outdoor adventures, and sports. Weekly service occurs generally on Saturday afternoons.

Ball games at the beach.
Ball games at the beach.

Community Contacts

Hand-in-Hand has used community contacts from three sources to identify foster families who may be interested in the program's activities. Brian Nunn is an active local foster care parent; Jennifer Maguire is a caseworker for Child Welfare Services; and Alan Bart is a representative for Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA, of Humboldt.