To support students in providing volunteer programs

Homelessness Network

Program Directors

Chelsy Corcoran:  Wed 12:50-2:50 / Thurs 3-5
Meyerlyn Sanchez:  Wed 1-3 / Thurs 3-5

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

TR 7 - 8pm NHE 113


Program Mission

Homelessness Network is a program designed to offer assistance to homeless families living in transitional housing at Serenity Inn, Broadway Motel, and the Multiple Assistance Center (M.A.C.) in Eureka. The focus of attention is centered on the children to offer additional stimulus and educational exposure that may serve to peak their interests and nurture creativity and a love of learning.

Volunteer shares picture book stories

Volunteer shares picture book stories

Service, Goals & Projects

Volunteers meet either every Saturday or Sunday between 11 am and 2 pm, to work with children living at the three service sites. They provide a variety of activities including reading books, acting out plays, art projects, and scientific experiments. Our goal is to encourage education, confidence, and leadership skills by introducing hands on exciting learning experiences.

Children create popsicle are projects
Popsicle sticks create wonderful art projects.

Community Contacts

The primary contact for the directors of the Homelessness Network is Maureen Chase. She works with Eureka City Schools' Homeless Education Project and helps to set up service at the Serenity Inn. Another useful resource is John Shelter who works with homeless resources in Arcata.

Children & volunteers play a large scale board game outside

Children & volunteers play a large scale board game outside.