To support students in providing volunteer programs


The Spring semester has flown past and volunteers and directors alike are evaluating how their programs have fared.

There is always the desire to provide the best possible service for the program participants and the most fulfilling experience for the volunteers providing that service. Commmunity partners, service recipients, volunteers and directors are being asked to carefully weigh the process followed and the end results of all these efforts. We hope everyone involved comes away with positive feelings about their exposure to Youth Educational Services.

The cycle continues too as program directors and student staff near the end of their roles and new prospective leaders are interviewed and chosen to take their place. Thank you to the many volunteers who are stepping up to become new program directors and to our new program consultants, Cody, Jake, Jessica and Sabrinna who have an awesome year ahead of them in 13-14.

Pictures below of the Spring Program Directors Training Retreat

student staff shows diagram of Kolb's Cycle

Student Staff leads a training workshop

Student Directors discuss program issues

Student Directors discuss program issues

Directors find humor in workshops

Workshops spark humorous moments

Picture of student staff & directors

Student Staff & Directors