To support students in providing volunteer programs


Program Directors

Brenda Hernandez:  Mon & Wed 2-4
Joaquin Hernandez:  Mon 10-1 / Tues 10:30-3

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

TR 5-6pm Downstairs Y.E.S.


Program Mission

Puentes takes its name from the Spanish word for bridges. The program strives to bridge the gap that exists between the Latino and college community in Humboldt County. The premise is that access to English education is the first step in traversing a gap that can be not only linguistic but also economic and cultural as well. Puentes contributes to educating and increasing access to education for English language learners through one-on-one mentoring and tutoring.

Lafayette School children name the Puentes led group the Salsa Club

Lafayette School children name the Puentes led group the Salsa Club..

Service, Goals & Projects

Through Puentes we try to facilitate the needs of the Latino Community in any way possible. Our services range from after-school group tutoring at Lafayette Elementary School to one-on-one tutoring with children at Pacific Union Elementary and McKinleyville Middle School, and assisting with community events such as Dia de los Muertos in the fall and Latino NET at their annual Latino Health Fair.

Applicants do not need to be fluent in Spanish in order to volunteer with Puentes. A good portion of our services are provided to community members who are already somewhat proficient in English and who merely need support in solidifying their skills.