To support students in providing volunteer programs

Service Travel Encourage Progress for Underrepresented People in Poverty

(formerly Alternative Spring Break)

Program Directors

Carmen Monteon:  Mon 1-4 / Wed 10-11
Irene Gonzalez:  Mon 1-4 / Wed 10-11

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

W 5-6pm Downstairs Y.E.S.


Program Mission

STEP UPP is a one-unit class designed to connect service done in a community to our higher education. Enrolled students take part in a week long service project during Humboldt State's Spring Break. We serve those in a community outside of Humboldt County and look at the various issues that exist there.
Volunteers explore San Francisco
STEP UPP volunteers explore San Francisco surroundings wearing garbage bag raincoats.

Service, Goals & Projects

During Spring Break this year volunteers traveled to San Francisco and stayed at the City Center Hostel in the Tenderloin. They worked with a variety of organizations like San Francisco Care’s Community Banquet, Free Farm and Night Ministry.

They also worked with Glide and learned about the artistic services at the Hospitality House. Throughout the week volunteers served over 1,000 meals and definitely witnessed the hardships that the homeless population goes through every day.  Volunteer Danielle Rodriguez says,” STEP UPP has helped me gain new experiences this semester as well as last semester. I have learned a lot and will inform others on how they can help out in the community. STEP UPP is an awesome group.”

Volunteers check out the roof top gardens

Volunteers find out about roof top gardens.

Spring Break service itself is just a part of this program; students have been doing service during the year in the local community, such as preparing food and serving meals to homeless people in Arcata or helping clean transitional living areas.

STEP UPP has worked to create awareness among their volunteers; students learned of the injustices against the homeless first-hand and it made a big impact on them as a group.  It has brought them closer together; they have learned how cruel this world can be yet have also seen how others have made such a difference.