To support students in providing volunteer programs

Study Buddies (formerly Tutorial)

Program Directors

Amanda Ramirez-Sebree: Mon 12-2, Thurs 11-1
Christa Anhold: Mon & Wed 11-1

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

T 5-6pm Downstairs Y.E.S.


Program Mission

This program is the oldest of Y.E.S.'s programs. Its longevity speaks to the original need for this service, and new students continue to be identified each year who benefit from the tutoring provided. Children being tutored span the range from elementary school through high school. They may need assistance in reading, writing, all levels of mathematics, other more specialized subjects, or just in organizational skills and following directions. The students also benefit from a mentor/mentee relationship built during the time of service. The program focuses on serving students who are least able to afford these services through other means.

Service, Goals & Projects

Volunteers work with the after school programs at Arcata Elementary School or Sunny Brae Middle School. Some students provide services at Alice Birney Elementary, Washington Elementary, Eureka High School and Marshall Family Resource Center. Other students are matched one-on-one with a Tutorial Program volunteer who meets with them at the HSU library once or twice a week after school.

The goals of this program are to reach as many students as possible. We are always looking for volunteers to meet the high demand for assistance.