Grievance Procedure for Students

Overview of Student Grievance Procedure Related to Grade or Policy Dispute

Prior to filing a Level 1 grievance with the Dean’s office , you should first meet with the instructor to discuss and review the disputed grade;if you are still not satisfied that the grade assigned is appropriate, you should meet with the department chair who will seek ways to informally resolve the issue. You should also meet with either the ombudsperson or grievance coordinator who will review the Level 1 grievance procedure with you in case the informal resolution is not possible and you choose to pursue a formal grievance.

These meetings must occur within the 20 instructional days allowed (see below); the 20-daytimeline is not suspended while you are seeking an informal resolution to your dispute.


If you have a dispute about a grade or policy, you must initiate the grievance process no later than twenty (20) instructional days after the last day of the term in which the alleged incident occurred. To begin the grievance process, you will submit a written statement describing the grievance and request a meeting with the appropriate administrator (for example, if the dispute is concerning a grade or academic department policy, the associate dean of the college overseeing the class or department that is disputed is the appropriate administrator.)

The appropriate administrator notifies involved parties of the dispute and attempts to resolve the dispute at this level and, within prescribed time line, informs all involved parties and the student grievance coordinator of the result. If the dispute is not resolved, you may choose to take the grievance to Level 2 within ten days by filing another written statement in consultation with the student grievance coordinator. The grievance is then referred to the grievance committee chair.

Student Grievance Level 1 form: (for administrators)


If the grievance committee chair determines that the grievance meets the criteria to advance, he/she notifies the grievant and the respondent that the grievance will proceed to Level 3. The respondent is given a prescribed time to respond in writing, whereupon the whole package of written documents is given to the student grievance committee for investigation at Level 3.

Student Grievance Level 2 form: (for students)


The voting student grievance committee membership consists of three faculty members, one staff member, and three students along with the vice-provost and the student grievance coordinator who is a non-voting member. The committee conducts an investigation, makes a report that is sent to all parties, and files a recommendation with the appropriate administrator.

Note this is an informal summary of the procedure. Please review the official procedure for details, and direct questions to the student grievance coordinator.

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