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Dr. Jay
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Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial


Repetition is a very important part of these tutorials. They are designed so you will answer questions about each concept multiple times if you take all the tests in a section. In addition, the entire site allows you to repeat each test as often as you like, so you can have enough exposure to all the concepts that you can really remember them. The idea is that you can keep trying these tests until they become very easy for you.

When you go to the SELECT A TEST page you can begin by quickly reviewing the concepts covered by the tutorial tests in that section if you want. Then you can choose either a true-false test, a multiple choice test, or a short answer test.

When you take the true-false or multiple choices tests you will choose an answer by clicking on it. If your answer is correct you will be told so, and get a little more information about the concept. If your answer is incorrect you will be told so, and you will get an explanation of why your answer is incorrect. The multiple choice questions are designed so you keep trying each one until you get the correct answer.

The short answer tests call for you to stop and think of the answer you would give before looking at the answer provided by the tutorial. The fill-in-the-blank questions will tell you what the correct answer is, and the other questions will tell you what a correct answer is. Since there are a lot of different ways to correctly express an answer to those questions the tutorial cannot tell you what THE correct answer is.

This site is not designed to keep track of how many answers you get correct and incorrect. If you're interested in knowing that you'll have to do it yourself.